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And A Number Of Design Of LED Lights, Designers To See
Feb 22, 2017

Japan has Good Design Award 2014 announced Design Award winners in the end. Good Design Award is Japan's external Design organization sponsored a comprehensive system of Design awards, founded in 1957, so far, there are nearly 40000 pieces of excellent Design work. Winner in 2014, a total of 1283 pieces, including LED lamps and lanterns of good works. Small make up carefully chosen some of the excellent work to share with you.

1, Dial - bluetooth stereo Type LED lamp

This product by the Japanese Ryohin Keikaku design project (good) company, is a bluetooth stereo LED lamp. The whole bluetooth stereo light only 1.9 watts, bluetooth stereo 1.2 watts, LED to about 0.6 watts. Rotate the light body upper lid can be removed, and can rotate the lid through to adjust the volume of the sound and light and shade.

2, Luxifer plastic LED lights

This product by the Taiwanese GIXIA Group design. Plastic molding integrated lamp shell design, the use of new materials instead of metal, through plastic double injection process manufacturing. Can significantly decrease the use of parts, light weight, simplify the production process. The light source adopts AC LED module, voltage conversion, is required to make the power efficiency is better, than DC DC LED can save 30-40% of its electricity, and reduce the size of our light bulbs.

3, Toshiba E - the CORE LED bulbs

This LED light bulb and halogen lamps, there are two kinds of models, rated power is 4.2 W and 6.2 W respectively, luminous flux 280 lm 420 lm, respectively. Adopt unique optical design, can achieve equal beam Angle with traditional halogen lamp and light distribution.

4, samsung bluetooth intelligent LED lights

This smart bulb has bluetooth function, the user can through the Zigbee module bulb connected by phone. Samsung said the user to use a mobile phone, in can be controlled within 600 metres of 64 bulbs. Its another characteristic is "color", can according to need to adjust within the range 2700 k to 6000 k.

5, philips Bloom, Strips

Philips Hue intelligent LED bulb, we already very familiar with. Both the design of the product is philips Japan branch, respectively, for the Living Colors Bloom and Hue Light Strips. Two models are can use smartphone or tablet app connection to use. Bloom has 16 million kinds of color, tie-in touch remote control via wireless network connection, easy to operate. Light Strips is 2 meters long wireless LED lights belt, folding bending, installed in any position, and are free to choose the length.

6、Koncept Lady 7

Lady 7 LED desk lamp designed by Koncept companies in the United States. Lady 7 using LED flat light source, power rating is 6 watts, color temperature range of 2700 k to 5000 k, the service life of 50000 hours. Built-in 5 hours timer automatically turn off the lights, can continuous adjustable light, lamp arm length is adjustable.

7, Japanese FUJISASH company design Alair foldable LED desk lamp

8, Hatha LED desk lamp

Hatha LED desk lamp by Taiwanese BenQ (BenQ) design, power rating is 6 w, warm white. Use smooth streamline rubber lamp body, internal metal hose, the body such as yoga stretch bend freely, the optimal lighting Angle adjustment.

9, NVR1GB1 series LED bulb

This series of products by the sanken electric design. Lamp is divided into light and the light emitting part, with a variety of sizes, minimum 2200 lumens, luminous flux of up to 10400 lumens, suitable for office lighting.

10, Infinito droplight

Infinito droplight by Taiwanese BenQ (BenQ) design. Using RGB LED, warm white, rated power for 36 w, can provide maximum flux for 1150 lumens. Light body torsion is equipped with sensors, with the hand close to that can adjust the brightness and color. Its creative inspiration came from represents infinite "up" mathematical symbols, through the "up" symbol of natural segmentation, make the white light source side, provide comfortable and pleasant reading lighting, on the other side of the bright neon, let a person can follow one's inclinations of creating situation light atmosphere.

11, ronda LEAFIA plate lamp

LEAFIA ultra-thin design with 8 mm, color rendering index greater than 80, color temperature range of 3000 k to 6500 k. With a variety of sizes, minimum 94 lm/w, the highest 100 lm/w, suitable for embedding, suck and suspension of three methods for installation.

12, Toshiba E - CORE multicolor LED to absorb dome light

13, panasonic LED to absorb dome light

The dome light for the bedroom design, help the user to slowly fall asleep, and by the time to get up, and will use the built-in timer downy lamplight roused.

14, panasonic LED bracket light

The stent lamp for the hospital ward is special, inhibit glare design, the light with three illuminate way, up, down or up and down a uniform light, may be adjusted according to different needs.

15, panasonic LED clip light

The clip-on hands-free LED lamp designed by panasonic, using a white LED lamp as light source, light weight to 19 g, can be easily clip onto the hat and clothes pocket or backpack. Leds can rotate with clamp connection, can make around 360 degrees and 110 degrees Angle adjustment, easy to use.

16, MOLA LED headlights

This product by the Japanese Snow Peak company design, luminous flux between 10 to 110 lumens, manual dimmer, three color optional. The biggest characteristic lies in its innovative lamp lens design, can use of gravity and heavy equipment to shoot beams according to user's mobile intelligent mobile, make sure the light always in the user's visual range.

17, Halo Halo LED lamp

This kind of lamps and lanterns designed by Pensar companies in the United States, Illumagear manufacturing company. It can be quickly connected to any safety helmet, very practical. Glow lamp provides four light way: 360 degrees, form the bright circle of pulse, concentrated light in a third place, illuminate the front; Next to someone at work, the light is dim.

18, NI Parasol umbrella LED lamp

The product designed by Hong Kong Foxcat company, combines article LED lights and parasol, create bright under the umbrella of the world. Each frame has a touch of induction lighting controller, convenient for the user control the light switch and brightness.