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Adopt LED Lamp Group To Design Brand New Benz G Class Latest Spy
Jul 18, 2017

Adopt LED lamp group to design brand new Benz G class latest spy

From the perspective of the photos of the exposure, a new generation of G level will use a new design of LED headlamps and taillights "C" glyph cash models compared to the modelling of the LED light will be more cool, after the light is very conspicuous. Overall modelling, brand-new G level will still use the "box" design style, hale domineering family style in the new car is still not lost, the air intake grille change before the three banners hollow out type modelling, also look more masculine.

After we have exposed a new generation of AMG G level interior photos, on the whole the vehicle interior design is more delicate, air-conditioning outlet is optimized, the instrument panel is equipped with large size LCD screen at the same time, the overall sense of science and technology than cash models have also been strengthened.

It is understood that the new Benz G class body width will increase by about 10 centimeters, compared with the current model to be more lenient. At the same time, the car will use a lot of light material, the whole quality will be greatly reduced. In terms of power, the car may be equipped with a brand-new, straight-line 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine that will be powered by a new Mercedes, and the transmission part matches the nine-speed automatic transmission. In addition, a 4.0-liter V8 dual turbocharged engine will be used to replace the existing 5.5 liter V8 twin turbocharged engine.