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In 2017, LED Filament Lights Turn Over Cars?
Jun 12, 2017

Some people believe that LED filament lamp and antique tungsten filament lamp, is the blue sea of the industry; Some argue that LED lights are a throwback to the industry. In any case, the lights are still burning in 2017. Even the analysis points out that 2017 will be a "critical year" for LED lights, and it will be a shame if it does not overtake the road in this year.

E14 2.5W High Power Vintage Lighting.png

The market is big, and small businesses are hard to share

According to relevant statistics, in 2015, the market demand of LED filament lamp in the world has reached more than 70 million. In 2016, the market for LED filament lamps is about 250 million. The total capacity of leds in 2017 will be 4-500 million.

In addition to philips, osram, crystal, wood Tomlinson, a consortium of domestic sunshine lighting, foshan lighting, Shanghai yaming, pu ears, hon optoelec, stars sulincy and LED lighting factory or packaging companies are to move into a filament lamp field and add a lot.

According to industry insiders predict that if the market capacity exceeding 500 million in 2018, only a few oligarchs at the appointed time will have an incentive to reshuffle, small scale management of small factory is facing out.

LED filament lamp heat to heat the attention

LED filament lamp technology has never stopped. On March 8, Hong Kong polytechnic university announced the development of the most power-saving LED filament lamp in the market. In the April 6-9 at Hong Kong international lighting fair in spring, many manufacturers are more in appearance, strengthen the function of LED filament lamp decoration, also have the manufacturer shows some relative technical content of products.

Guo-qing tang in the context of the filament lamp, fire it points out that the filament lamp, all kinds of new materials, are keen to get in, what kind of ceramic, metal, sapphire article lamp, and graphene as coating (heat faster), what color temperature, adjust the color and so on, is born. With the number of filament lamp W upgrade, not only can be used to nostalgia, more available lighting (such as table lamp, pendent lamp LED bulbs available scenarios), and will sing leading role, you believe it? Anyway, I believe. However, I still have a little bit of look forward to is that the filament lamp can in 'to the power supply as well as by the way' to gas? That is fire, really fire!"

Scale to win, differentiation to save

In April, the company announced that it will spend $12.87 billion on building a new LED filament lamp in zhejiang, with a capacity of 22,917 million. In the us and Europe, philips introduced four new products in February, all of which are filament lamps. As LED filament lamps are widely recognized by the market, the production scale of the tens of millions will appear in succession, and the price of product sales will continue to decline. The scale effect of the LED filament market is also growing.

On the other hand, future filament lamps will be differentiated. Aiming at the patent barriers of the filament lamp, accelerate the innovation design of the different filament, the ceramic arc filament, the graphene arc filament is in the outback. In addition, flexible filament has already appeared, it breaks the definition of ordinary filament strip, apply the reverse loading process to the filament. The other direction is smart, and the "go gas" problem of the filament lamp will gradually become the focus of the industry.