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LED Screen Failures Don't Have To Be Four Ways To Help
Jun 10, 2017

With the popularity of LED electronic display screen and LED full color applications, LED display has become the one to beautiful scenery line in today's information society, especially in the night comes, LED display blossom a bright colour images can make people feel the world. With the expansion of the LED display application range, however, the failure problem of LED display more and more, so how to test the LED display failure problem? Here's a quick introduction.


▶ spending 1, resistance test. Dispatch multimeter to resistance, detection a normal piece of circuit board of some point to the ground resistance, detection of another piece of the same circuit board of the same point test, if there are different with normal resistance if different criterion to determine the scope of the problem.

▶ spending 2, voltage test. Dispatch multimeter to voltage, detecting circuit in question at some point to ground voltage, compare whether similar to normal, or determine the scope of the problem.

▶ spending 3, short circuit test. Dispatch multimeter to short circuit test block (or the pressure drop of the diode reverse or resistance, generally has alarm function), to detect whether there is the phenomenon of short circuit, found that should be a priority after short circuit, don't burn out of other devices. The method must operate in the case of a power failure and avoid damage to the watch.

▶ spending 4, pressure drop test. Will be transferred to the pressure drop of the diode detecting multimeter, because all the IC is composed of the basic unit of many pieces, only the miniaturization and so on when a pin of it is energized, will exist voltage drop on the pin. In general, the same type of IC is similar to the pressure drop on the foot, and the pressure drop on the pins is good, and the circuit breaker must be operated in the case of a power failure. The method has certain limitations, such as the detection device is high resistance, cannot detect.