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LED Lights Make Old-fashioned Energy-saving Lights Look Awkward!
Jun 12, 2017

The circular lamp of the energy-saving lamp in the home is broken, think of the supermarket to match a new, did not expect the supermarket shelf to be LED the "world" of LED lamp. What are the pros and cons of a dominant LED lamp compared to a once-popular energy-saving lamp? How should consumers choose? The experts from the center for the quality of semiconductor lighting products in the country are here to answer your questions.

LED lights "fully occupy" supermarket shelves

E14 2.5W High Power Vintage Lighting.png


Supermarket energy-saving lamp tube "down"

Wang's house in nanjing hexi dome light suddenly not bright, so, same as before wang with a broken CFL annular tubes prepared in a large supermarket to match a new door. "I looked for a half day in the supermarket where I sold the lights, but I couldn't find it." Wang told reporters that she consult the supermarket staff, staff reply said, are now selling LED lights, ms wang has no need of energy-saving lamp tube. "It used to be that the energy-saving lamps replaced the incandescent, and now leds are replacing the energy-saving lamps." Ms. Wang later had to buy a fluorescent lamp in a grocery store. "it's not a familiar brand, it doesn't know what the quality is," she said.

LED lights "occupy" the market.

Reporter longjiang lamps and lanterns of a large supermarket counter, then came to see shelves the markeddest position, put all the LED bulbs, at the bottom shelf, reporters found several spiral energy-saving lamp tube, also didn't see wang needed energy-saving lamps with annular tubes. Reporters later landed brand online flagship store of a few lamps and lanterns, find shops selling whether absorb dome light, tube light, or a lamp, LED lights, even the light bulb is all leds. The reporter asked the customer service shop if there was a fluorescent lamp tube, and the customer service made it clear that it was no longer available.


In the case of a reporter visit, the present lamps and lanterns are the "world" of LED lights. So what are the pros and cons of LED lights compared to the once-popular energy-saving lamps? How should consumers choose? The reporter consulted the director of the national semiconductor lighting product quality inspection center.


LED lighting more energy efficient

Intersection when reporters found that some brand of LED lights on the outer packing label 4 w LED equivalent to 6 w energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp 27 w, 6 w LED equivalent to 9 w energy-saving lamps, incandescent lamp 42 w, really more energy efficient LED lights? It is reported that the energy saving of LED lamp is mainly focused on initial photoeffect, and the greater the initial effect, the more energy saving. In the previous inspection of the provincial bureau of quality supervision, it was found that the position value of the LED lighting product in jiangsu real estate was 80 lm/W (luming per watt). The initial optical effect of the LED lighting product in the city is 60 lm/W. Compared to energy-saving light spot check result, jiangsu enterprise energy-saving lamps initial median 64 lm/W, lighting city purchase CFLS initial median 41 lm/W, lighting and initiative lighting incandescent bulbs usually in 8 to 15 lm/W. By comparison, LED lights are significantly more efficient than incandescent and energy-saving lamps.


LED lighting is more secure

In addition to saving energy, LED lights are safer than incandescent bulbs and energy-saving lamps. This is because the single LED a very low power consumption, high power LED the consumption of electricity has generally not more than 1 w, low requirements for conductive lines, less line aging caused by short circuit fault. And LED lamp is fully encapsulated in epoxy resin, and it is strong than light bulbs and fluorescent tube, no loose parts in the body, these characteristics make LED lights not easily broken and damaged. In addition, LED light is low-voltage microelectronics, the voltage of the LED is 2-3.6 V, which belongs to the low safety voltage, and does not have the electric shock when the light source is changed. Because leds are cold light sources, there is no such thing as an incandescent lamp or an overheating surface.


Substitution of the abbreviated tson lamp

Safer, more energy efficient, and less start-up time, no electromagnetic noise... Although the advantages of leds are obvious, there is a slight disadvantage in terms of substitution. In the interview, the reporter found that many of the light bulbs are now LED, but LED lights and lamps are usually made together and cannot be replaced. This also means that leds can only be repurchased if they "strike". And if use is energy-saving lamp lamp tube absorb dome light, only need to change the lamp tube is ok.

The choose and buy

Don't exceed 5000K in color

By comparison, the performance of LED lights is better than the energy-saving lamps, so what are the considerations when consumers are choosing LED lighting products? Chaoyang recommends that consumers, in addition to buying branded products through regular channels, pay attention to the indicator of color temperature when buying. If be used in the bedroom, can choose lukewarm color, color temperature is about 3000K; The sitting room illuminates although want to be bright, but the light had better not lose downy, color temperature can choose 4 000k; Corridor, balcony and so on, can choose 5000K product. If household words, color temperature had better not exceed 5000K, otherwise the light will be more dazzling, not suitable for household.

The price is too low to buy

When consumers are buying LED lights, it is best to pay attention to the color index when it comes to color temperature. The illuminative ability of illuminant to the object is called the color sex, the color index is 100, the number is higher, the quality is better. Chaoyang recommends that consumers, the best buy display index is in the 80 to 85 LED lamps. In addition, it is also important to remind consumers that products with very low prices usually have short life spans and be carefully chosen.