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LED Lights Make The Whole "zero" Pollution
Jun 10, 2017

LED lights make the whole "zero" pollution

Talking about the future of LED industry, the personage inside course of study, someone says: now the LED industry has every step, the development of the industry process is gradually tend to be stable and transparent, many enterprises for survival selection across the industry. But there are also companies that still cling to leds, who prey on the growth of the LED industry.

As is known to all, in the LED lighting market rebound and niche market driven by strong demand in 2016, the overall output value reached 521.6 billion yuan, semiconductor lighting industry in China from 2015, up 22.8% from a year earlier, although with "twelfth five-year" period 30% of the average annual growth rate has dropped, but has small boost growth rate from 21% in 2015, including 428.6 billion yuan in the downstream application scale, up 23% from a year earlier.

This suggests that we should be more committed to the industry's confidence in the LED industry trend.


Obviously, LED belongs to green energy-saving products, but its manufacturing process inevitably exists the phenomenon of environmental pollution, in recent weeks, as the government's policy on environmental protection in the field of scrutiny, some businesses were forced to shut down because of the environmental problems, even close associate, eventually lead to the industrial chain.

"LED circuit board area, in particular, the traditional circuit board used to using chemical etching method to make, and experience more than 20 complicated technological process, caused a large number of water pollution and energy waste. So I and several friends make up cross-border scientific research team, can think, in innovation, environmental protection technology to make circuit board". That's according to the CEO of schrui technologies.

Shay technology, founded in 2015, focuses on the circuit board industry. Nearly two years, sheri mainly from raw material, mould, materials, technology, application of innovation, the pursuit to the main application in the low voltage single panel, double panel, high photosynthetic efficiency RGB, and alternative products, change the traditional LED lamp belt not environmental protection, high energy consumption, low performance.

If in the past decade, is the golden period of LED lighting to replace traditional lighting, nowadays the pace of the LED industry to replace still exist, including flexible LED lamp belt is not exceptional also, in the past, it is only a decorative products, but now because of high heat dissipation innovative application of the integrated circuit board technology, the LED lamp with alternative tubes, even can replace the main lighting panel lights, and other products.

Luo Shaojing said. "the new product -- Siry Nowire flexible LED lights with the birth of compared with the past the traditional LED lamp belt, in technologies, processes and materials three aspects respectively for outstanding innovation."


In terms of technology, Siry Nowire high heat circuit board to the heat generated by the lamp bead, resistance quickly spread to the entire base board, through the use of physical cutting alternative chemical etching & plating unique cutting technology, greatly reduce the accumulation of heat on the lamp bead, prolong the service life of lamp bead.

"Solved the heat dissipation, sheri science and technology of circuit board make it possible for super bright lighting, lamp belt. The traditional lamp with common on the market for 300 to 400 lumens/m, using Siry Nonwire series circuit board without wire made of lights with the minimum 700 lumens, now many have reached 1200 lumens/m, break through the application requirements of decoration level, let light show really turned out to be applied to the main lighting product." "Said Mr Luo.

In the material respect, the company has added the thermal conductivity particle and heat dissipation material independently, let the circuit board have the cooling function. By replacing the yellow PI with high white and bright PET (white ink), the flexible LED lamp can be used with high efficiency and high reflectivity, and the product is more energy efficient in the process of use. Secondly, it is better to improve the deflection of the flexible LED lamp. Finally, it is easier to store simple products by using a special adhesive layer.

To Siry Nonwire series circuit board is made of wire lamp belt as an example, the same line, the same power, the power supply, the lamp bead temperature than conventional traditional lamp with low temperature for 5 to 10 degrees, which makes no wire lamp with the performance and life are improved.

On the technical level, by applying Siry to the high temperature flexible LED back plate, the green environment, and the yellow and yellow denaturation, the 5000V breakdown voltage, the reflectivity can be up to > 85%.

"In research and development, we've been thinking about how to realize the whole process of automation. The traditional lamp with a circuit board with two wire in parallel, we put the two core wires are integrated into the circuit board, and make no wire lamp with special Nonwire series circuit boards, completely eliminate the artificial to cancel a parallel process, greatly reduces the manual, also avoid the instability of personnel operation to bring the finished lamp quality risk", Luo Shaojing said, "at the same time, Siry Nonwire series circuit board is not 0.5 m, 1 m, but 50 meters, 100 meters and 150 meters of volume of PCB, exempt from artificial stitching. If traditional lamp needs of 100 people, with our solution requires 20 people, had a 80% lower personnel rely on".

So, better solved in the past, the traditional lamp belt length and PCB specification for 0.5 m and 1 m, and 1 meter of the circuit board to make lamp with only by manual welding, then light with two main lines in parallel) low efficiency, high artificial, quality risk, and the problem of environmental pollution.

Future, sheri technology not only provide products, but also from the aspects such as material, the application to subvert the traditional lamp with design and manufacturing, form a complete solution, tell the customer how to realize automatic production in this PCB, what kind of configuration to achieve higher and more stable performance.