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3014 Patch
Aug 29, 2017

3014 patch

  1. 3014 introduction:

The average chip size is 10 * 23nm (the larger the chip size and the higher the brightness will be), and the most common brightness used in the current market is 10-12lm.

2. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages

(1) 3014 adopts the vertical package structure, which directly leads to the chip and radiator, thus improving the heat dissipation performance so as to withstand higher current (30ma), and the brightness is also improved.

(2) the thickness of 3014 is only 0.8mm, which can solve the problem of speckle on the side of 3528, but the light area of 3014 is small, and the light emission rate is only about 85-88%, and the lighting can be improved.

(3) cost: 3014 cost is relatively lower, the same 20 w, for example (20 w commonly used now in the market 176, 3014) : 176 * 0.15 = 26.4 RMB yuan/grain, make whole lamp brightness is: 176 * 11 lm (middle value) of the single lamp bead brightness (power supply power factor) * 0.88 * 0.9 (the light rate) = 1533 lm (the whole lamp brightness around 1533 lm).