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2017 LED Smart Lighting Will Break Out
Nov 04, 2017

2017 LED smart lighting will break out

With the rise of smart cities, smart lighting, as a fundamental part of smart cities, usher in a new round of growth opportunities driven by the policy of vigorously developing smart cities in major provinces and cities.


As early as September last year, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Green Lighting Projects during the 13th Five-Year Plan of Beijing City. It pointed out that by 2019 and 2020, the municipal-level industrial parks, Hospital intelligent lighting upgrade project.

Intelligent lighting development unstoppable


In April 2016, Huawei and Op Lighting signed a smart home strategic cooperation framework agreement to establish a strategic partnership in the field of smart home.


In October 2016, Haier introduced its professional lighting brand Haier small butler, the goal is to become the leader in smart lighting industry.


In November 2016, Philips Lighting signed an agreement with Xiaomi to assemble a new joint venture to promote the development of smart home lighting.


Liu De, vice president of millet, said that Philips has launched several meters and rice lamps, the follow-up will bring more and better lighting products. For this, Xiaopei ecological product planning director Sun Peng quipped: "That a few lights just practice, more products are still on the road."


Recently, NVC and Haier home and other companies jointly launched by the less sea and live net have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, officially announced into the smart home ecosystem. Prior to this, NVC has completed the strategic cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences building smart cities signed an attempt to layout outdoor city lighting.

In addition, the international lighting manufacturers are more locked in the field of intelligent lighting, such as Philips Lighting, Osram, Schneider, GE Lighting and other enterprises, but also by virtue of their own advantages to intelligent lighting penetration.

Intelligent lighting objectively have the outbreak of conditions


It is undeniable that intelligent lighting plays an important role in improving the quality of life, making efficiency and improving the management level. The development of intelligent lighting space is huge, with the improvement of living standards, the application of intelligent lighting will be more common, will be the lighting industry's new outlet.


Op lighting CTO Qi Xiaoming said, "In the general trend of the Internet of things, intelligent lighting market after years of exploration and development, also will lay a good foundation, objectively have the conditions for the outbreak."

Nowadays, whether it is intelligent lighting for buildings, hotels or other professional intelligent lighting for home use, an intelligent lighting ecosystem based on Internet of Things has been formed and continuously iterated, optimized and developed.


"Intelligent lighting is a development process from" control-intelligence-wisdom ". At present, we have passed the" single-lamp intelligent control "stage, which is in the stage from" intelligence "to" wisdom " Wisdom "is a long-term evolutionary process, and the development of intelligent lighting is still a long way." Qi Xiaoming said so.


Li Zhaohua, general manager of Ming Microelectronics also believes that "nowadays intelligent lighting is still in its infancy, even said it is still in the research stage."

IC or smart lighting will be the driving force


If the past is more intelligent lighting based on the wish of the lighting company, then this year, with the gradual formation of the Internet of Things ecology, intelligent lighting may be able to find the real driving force.


Fan Zhuo Pu, general manager of Fan Zhi Kai seems, after two years of continuous R & D innovation, everyone's acceptance of intelligent lighting is getting higher and higher. Before the technology is not mature enough, has now been improved, especially in the field of IC, more and more mature, truly simplistic and low cost.


Li Zhaohua also stressed that "the lamp is a light, it must be simple, and linear is the simplest."

Intelligent lighting is mainly reflected in the dimming, color, flirt, perception, emotion, emotional and other aspects of the dimming is the common pursuit of the industry, the future, the dimming IC will certainly be the trend.


Indeed, with the smart lighting market with the concept of smart home, smart city continues to heat up, intelligent lighting driver IC has also been speculation in full swing, which also directly promote the intelligent control with LED driver IC innovation and development.


"There is no doubt that into the intelligent LED lighting is the inevitable trend of the future development, and to achieve intelligent, driver IC is the most important part of the industrial chain." Li Zhaohua mentioned.

All in all, whenever I talked about smart lighting, most people think it is just a concept, and development has now begun to partially realize its arrival. For example, home lighting, office lighting, commercial lighting, these indoor lighting has gradually begun to apply, of course, outdoor lighting as part of an independent existence, but also further application.