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LED Display Rental Market: I May Have Entered A Fake Industry "off-season"!
Jun 10, 2017

LED display rental market: I may have entered a fake industry "off-season"!

In years, as temperatures are high, recent LED display industry gradually into the traditional industry "season", this adjustment is in an industry, in particular, a lot of screen companies are complaining about: business is not good to do STH. Industry most of the screen in the struggling, the rental market this year is another picture, recently, from various industry trends indicate that the current rental market is very hot, some rental screen companies even orders received adversary. For the rental market, this seems to be a false industry "off-season" this year.

With the opening up of the national policy and people's cultural demand, in recent years the upward stage LED display rental market development situation, in some commercial performance or a large party, LED display has become an indispensable part of the whole stage design, especially in some star concert, creative LED flexible transparent shaped screen, LED screen, LED screen, and other products with projection, VR/AR technology such as using superposition of innovation, but also for the LED display. At the same time we also clearly aware that in recent years, LED display rental market expands unceasingly, the LED display technology progress and product upgrading tide also has a great relationship.

Especially small spacing breakthrough technology, represented by small spacing products display products and solutions to enter high-end rental stage, and widely welcomed by the market, is now gradually become drive LED enterprise performance growth momentum, has become a recent part of the market of LED display manufacturers focus on mining area. But it is important to note that due to the cost, technology and other reasons, the current rental screen or in the concrete application of small spacing by certain limits, most successful cases still confined to enterprises strong technical, financial ability of the screen.

The growth of the LED rental industry is fuelled by technological improvements and market expansion. , on the other hand, we also clearly see that the LED rental product development up to now, from a single stage display domestic products to various creative stage products, from products to complete the stage show solutions, from or sell products directly to the lease company culture company screen on their business model innovation in succession, and so on, the LED screen enterprise constantly adapt to the market demand change on new products and new development strategy, leading the whole LED display rental industry transformation and upgrading.

The boom in rental markets is also attracting more and more LED screens. As the personage inside course of study says, the current state of the LED display rental market is - "domestic companies is busy in the rental market 'enclosure, more small screen are busy in the rental market of" rule "". The current rental market also begin to enter "shuffle board", strong domestic companies cultivates his own niche, and some of the features on small screen companies also conveniently and seize the opportunity, to become a niche product after use of the strong, do it slowly, and without their own characteristic also has little power panel prices will be eliminated by the market gradually.