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What is the difference between OLED and LCD?
Jan 01, 2018

First of all LCD is LCD, itself does not light, you need a backlight. The TFT substrate and CF (color film) substrate bonded together, filled with liquid crystal. The TFT substrate provides an electric field to control the rotation angle of the liquid crystal so as to control the liquid crystal transmittance. The color film is printed with three color patches of RGB. The light of the backlight passes through the transparent TFT substrate, passes through the liquid crystal molecules, and then passes through the CF substrate. Due to the different transmittance of liquid crystal molecules under each color patch, the color patches emit red, green and blue tints of different bright and dark colors and can be mixed to display the desired color. The OLED is an organic light-emitting diode and belongs to a self-luminous device and does not require a backlight. The OLED is configured to evaporate an RGB three-color organic film layer that can emit light under power when being evaporated on a TFT substrate. By controlling the size of the current through the TFT substrate, the light and darkness of the RGB organic film layer can be controlled, so that the desired color is displayed. At present, the mainstream display technology in the market is still TFT-LCD technology. As a new generation of display technology, OLED needs to be further improved in terms of process yield, large size, high PPI, service life and production cost. However, , High color gamut, wide viewing angle, bendable, thinner and lighter, transparent and have significant advantages.