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The service life of incandescent lamps
Jan 03, 2017

Lamp life generally has two meanings: (1) life: the bulb from its use to light the failures, or according to some standard point to not be able to use State time and (2) under the stated conditions, with test lamp life measured by the arithmetic mean of average life expectancy. Products listed on the source generally refers to the average lifespan, incandescent bulbs average life 1000 h.

Incandescent lamp life span under the influence of supply voltage, power supply voltage, lamp life will be greatly reduced. Filament thinning in the entire process at different speeds (due to material or manufacturing reasons), in local evaporation accelerates, the temperature will speed up, even to evaporates quickly and eventually burn. Changes in the temperature of the filament lamp life and light effect will be changed, with a luminous efficiency the higher life of the bulb is shorter.

Incandescent bulbs starting performance, from the lamp voltage is applied to the issue until the rated luminous flux, just hundreds of milliseconds of time, the point going out in such a short time, the transient transition current is about 7-10 times of the rated current, usually in hundreds of milliseconds to a few seconds of ignition is off cycle, the life can be shortened 2-8%.

Frequent switching incandescent bulbs, makes the wire appears to thermal shock, and repeated changes in temperature, and tungsten filament inside is fibrous crystals, showing the anisotropic, leading to heat stress. When the heat stress exceeding the elastic limit of the material under high temperature, local plastic deformation after after a certain number of cycles, which may cause cracks, some cracks are combined to form the main crack. These areas become stress-sensitive. The other hand, the tungsten filament to heat shock, heat shock. The thermal stress of heat shock, far greater than the normal light of the tungsten filament is constant thermal stress, and the stress on the wire with impact type high-speed plus, easy to stress that already exist in the sensitive areas of stress concentration, and crack caused by scaling wire points out the faults.