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The risk in the LED lamps and lanterns in the state of abnormal use
Feb 06, 2017

With the augmentation of the national strength, the rural get more and more preferential policies, to support rural development is more and more big. So the rural lighting market has huge potential. On the premise of the rapid development of LED technology, LED lamps and lanterns of various components of a recent years a significant cost reduction. However recently with test results shows that the sold part of the LED lamps and lanterns in abnormal use state when there is a certain risk. Known as the fourth generation of light source of LED lights is really not safe? LED light overflow can to retinal damage? What is the LED blue light overflow? The "killer" potential is hurt?

The LED blue light hurt eyes?

Experts say the "blue" is equivalent to "retinal damage" irrational

Known as the fourth generation light source of LED, in the industrial capital and dual driven by government subsidies, has realized the explosive growth in recent years. LED security problems, however, has caused some people uncomfortable, some experts worry "LED blue light will damage to the retina.

Data show that at present, our country has become one of the world's largest producer of LED lamps and lanterns. Semiconductor lighting technology development "issued by the ministry of science and technology in 2012 of the special" twelfth five-year "plan, by 2015, LED in the general lighting market share to achieve 30%, semiconductor lighting scale to a domestic industry reached 500 billion yuan. These incentives to make the LED industry in China catching up the development of Europe and the United States and other developed countries.

However, some medical experts have expressed concern that problems blu-ray overflow on the market a lot of LED lamps and lanterns, accumulate over a long period, the retina of irreversible damage.

It is safe to LED how?

In the market for LED products safe? What is blue light overflow? Use special populations and how to health?

Recently, specialized organization examination organization of some commercial LED lighting products, in the risk monitoring found 27 LED lamp sample, the sample in the condition of abnormal use one sample of medium risk, namely the eyes close look on retinal damage.

Expert introduction, sampling 27 LED samples type covers the desk lamp, shoot the light, tube light, flat light, and light bulbs. According to the IECEE CTL) (the international electrotechnical commission - laboratory committee resolution DSH 0744 pairs of blue light to identify hazards, among them: in the condition of normal use, 14 belongs to 0 class without danger, 13 belongs to low risk type 1, all belong to the scope of security. But if abnormal condition used that spread before the pervious to light cover removed, has one reached the medium risk 2 classes.

According to expert introduction, our country has the GB/T 20145-2006 "the light and the light of the lamp system of biological safety of the national standards, including the blue light damage and quantitative calculation method has made a clear introduction, but this standard is only recommended for nature, there is no mandatory constraint effect on the manufacturer.

Participate in the international standard written above optical radiation safety standardization committee seeks with professor introduction, at present the country is based on the limits of the standard in adults and eight hours of the experimental data of radial, has yet to consider light of accumulating long-term effect to the human body, and some special populations, such as infants and young children can get time to look at, causing damage to the retina. Thus, although the standard class 0 (no risk) and 1 (low risk) products are safe to use, but for special populations should be clear use 0 class products.

Experts suggest that

LED regulation to be mandatory national standard And across the country to carry out the risk monitoring

Many experts suggest that the current the lamp and the light of the lamp system of safety standards changed from voluntary standards to compulsory standards, and risk monitoring in the whole country. In addition, still should stipulate the LED lighting products for different sites and the color temperature.

Expert introduction, at present our country current the lamp and the light of the lamp system of safety standards, and the currently valid international standards versions are equivalent, is also developed countries jointly implement the standards. "In terms of the standard, we are synchronized with the western developed countries, does not fall."

Experts suggest that the voluntary national standards the lamp and the light of the lamp system of safety standard is adjusted for mandatory national standards, reduce lighting products and security risk of harm to human body health.

Power type LED lighting products, experts say, could reach 2 kind of dangerous situation, deal with indoor LED lighting products throughout the country blue leds and "bath bully" product hazard risk monitoring, the LED lighting products in the direction of the health development.

The expert points out, the indoor LED lighting products, color temperature should not be more than 4000 k, should avoid to use color temperature 5000 k and above of LED lighting products.

Experts say, will further strengthen the lighting products and "bath bully" the supervision and inspection of the product, to urge enterprises to carry out the principal responsibility for the quality, guarantee product quality and safety.

Warm prompt

Blu-ray most harmful

Studies show that the harmful effects of different wavelengths of blue light to the human eye is different, between 435 nm to 440 nm the harmful effects of blue light to the eyes of most, the effect decreases with increasing or decreasing of wavelength. LED light source, because most light sources of white light is blue LED chip with yellow phosphor powder mixture of, peak squarely in blue band spectrum energy, in this way, the proportion of blue light energy is high.

Life, can emit blue light source has a lot of, in addition to the bath bully, flat-panel displays, LED neon, fluorescent, LCD monitor, tablet, phone, etc are the background light source, through the powerful words contained in the excitation light source anomaly of high-energy shortwave blu-ray, will affect the child's retina, should avoid to look for a long time.

How to prevent the LED blue light harm

To prevent the LED blue light, the most important is to avoid the human eye long time look at the surface, for infants and the elderly home protection consciousness weak, measures should be taken to prevent direct light to the eye. Generally warm color to move, moreover, the LED in the proportion of blue light cool color to move LED to less, with diffuse cover the surface of the LED lamp brightness than without a mask or the brightness of the LED lamp with transparent cover. When consumer is buying the LED lighting products, to pay attention to the tone and the surface brightness.

Which people should pay attention to the LED blue light damage

LED lighting has to be cautious with three kinds of people, the first kind is tender eyes of children, infants and young children of the lens is more clear, cannot be carried out on the blue filter, and the nature of children and the spotlight, by a large amount of blue light for a long time, may lead to infant retina toxicity of light damage, serious and even leads to the retina in, so that the blind. The second is a person with diabetes, diabetes after more than ten years of development, has the retinal pathological changes, retinal light damage under about value drops greatly, the other in the life a lot of drugs is photosensitivity, took the pills, LED blue light damage may be more obvious. Finally, unfavorable also use LED lights at night, use for a long time, will affect sleep, according to a biological clock disorder, thus reduce the person's immunity.