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The LED lamp fell 30% year after year the people could afford?
Feb 09, 2017

To phase out incandescent light bulb, the LED as a new generation of alternative products, is hitting "alternative" mainstream position of energy-saving lamps, presents the advantages of clear.

"China to phase out incandescent light bulb, accelerate the promotion of energy-saving lamps" project office (hereinafter referred to as green as project department), deputy director of the Lv Fang said that at present, the development of the LED is driven by market demand, has a good development momentum and sustainable. In LED in the process of popularization and application, should notice more details such as price, technology, service, market, to form the "social can be energy-saving, personal benefits, enterprise development" multi-win situation.

The people could afford?

LED prices falling by 30% a year, already have large-scale into ordinary families

According to the personage inside course of study, in general, energy-saving lamp power saving about 90% than incandescent bulbs, than energy-saving lamps and LED lights and power saving about 30%. LED lights the most save electricity, energy saving, fully replace incandescent light bulbs, energy-saving lamps and in the future will become a new trend. But in the short term to let consumers understand, accept is not easy.

Leds are expensive, become the main obstacle to promote. The haidian district of Beijing residents to Mr Ho. In 2012, heard that launched on the market of household type LED lights, he immediately to buy lamps and lanterns city lights located in haidian district.

"Ask frighten me to jump, a 3 watt LED bulbs, started selling to 50 yuan, or even to 100 yuan." Mr Ho said, a 3 watt LED bulbs is equivalent to a 30 watts of incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp of the same wattage only 1 yuan, 10 yuan respectively, and the LED dozens of times more expensive than incandescent bulbs. "Everyone's environmental protection consciousness is not high to buy this kind of 'noble lamp?"

Now the price of LED lights still on?

"From the point of the national market, as the technology progress and the production scale expands unceasingly, the price of LED lights have fallen sharply, is close to a price." Director liu singer said, China lighting association mass into ordinary families have LED lighting conditions.

Not long ago, held in the golden house lamps and lanterns city of chengdu a fair, a company has played a "LED specials, 3, 2.6 yuan" banner. Business director, told reporters that they produced a 3 watt LED bulb is only 2.6 yuan, and 30000 to 50000 hours service life. 1 watt less than 1 yuan, real.

"Such a low price, maybe just promotion price. 1 tile production costs with the current first-line brand companies, at least three or four yuan." Opple Wang Yaohai co., LTD., chairman, said the current domestic 600 billion yuan to 700 billion yuan of alternative market scale, if the release of the 100 billion yuan to 200 billion yuan a year, LED industry scale is constantly expanding, enterprise production cost will be falling.

The future of the LED price cut space have how old?

"Overall, the LED prices falling by 30% a year, 3 to 5 years after the price will be cheaper." Florida Zhang Ruzhi photoelectric materials (suzhou) co., LTD. General manager, said the chips and sealing material accounted for about 40% of the cost of the LED and 60% respectively, the chip's price cut space has narrowed sharply, there is a great decline in space and sealing material.

"At present, the domestic high-end packaging materials need import, and domestic production of the good and bad are intermingled, mid-range encapsulation material material price is often a few times. Therefore, packaging materials market there is a great alternative and improvement of will become the future LED the main reduction."

How to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses

Considering the technical specifications of the products, make technical progress to better promote the development of the market

"In recent years, with rapid advancement of LED technology, the problem has been solved." Suzhou dongshan precision manufacturing co., LTD. Officials said that at the same time of constantly improve the luminous efficiency, more energy saving, LED application field has been greatly expand, some application even the biggest surprise.

According to introducing, guangzhou has a sell pork farmer who found with pink LED lights shining on pork, the pork was particularly tender inviting, will cooperate with manufacturers, developed can significantly improve popularity "buy" "lights" pork. Now many of the city pork can be seen in this light, the boss also developed a new industry, annual production value amount to tens of millions of yuan.

Lighting technology is a double-edged sword. According to measure, full life cycle of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lights, is about 1000 hours, 8000 hours, 30000 hours. LED lamp life expectancy, some in the industry called "from birth to grow up, marry and have children, the home of leds are not bad."

Leds are long life, bring to production enterprises concerns. "People often change change mobile phones, computers, related businesses will live quite well; old with LED lights not bad, sell a few a, sales market will be more and more small, enterprise how to survive in the future?" Shanghai yaming lighting co., LTD., officials said, the LED application to develop in the direction of intelligent, personalized will become an important trend, therefore, LED enterprises should save for a rainy day, close to the producer services.

How to prevent counterfeit

Composite technics of standards, the fiscal and taxation regulation together, strictly enforce the law, standardize the market

Early LED products are mainly used for outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, etc., are now strides into the ordinary household lighting domain. At the same time, the sales market, there is some good and evil people mixed up, the phenomenon of fake and shoddy, resembles consumer true and false.

Some small businesses, small workshops in LED welding line process, to replace gold wire with copper wire, the cost of the root welding line by 4 li fell to 2 money; Use inferior packaging material, reducing the cost of materials by RMB or to a postiche. These practices, while reducing the product cost, but greatly affect the quality of the LED lamp's light and service life.

"Lack of product standards, the market is not standard, also led to the low malignant competition." Many, said an official with the first-line brand enterprise in addition to the environmental problems in the domestic market, due to slow collection, after-sales service costs higher, a lot of big companies are more willing to do the foreign market, the domestic market is not so seriously.

How to regulate and guide the domestic market?

Lv Fang said 2009 countries issued "semiconductor lighting energy conservation industry development opinions", published in 2011 the sales roadmap, greatly promoting the development of the market. According to standard missing problem, countries have done a lot of work, in recent years, green do what project alone supports the 13 standard formulation of the research. "Because the LED industry is in climbing phase, the relevant standard set too early or too dead, curb industry development. Therefore, timely follow up, should be taken to do development, edge."