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The king of subdivided into Plant lighting will become LED enterprises to be bestowed favor on newly
Feb 06, 2017

Fujian on the afternoon of October 19, in the national economic and technological development zone gold-sun avenue issue of the open section of the road main body construction has been completed, the workers are nervous and orderly for road lighting.

"On both sides of the road are reserved cement column, these are all set up lighting lamps and lanterns, soon will be loaded on xu feng photoelectric intelligent LED lighting." Xu feng, general manager of photoelectric don like said. In "liuyang build LED lights illuminate changsha metro line 1", is located in liuyang through open zone incubation park of xu feng photoelectric in road lighting and track lighting lamps and lanterns has started in the industry, "because of this foundation, the company not only won the gold-sun avenue a period after the open section lighting, and changsha maglev line part of the station hall, platform and room with lights also used xu feng photoelectric products."

Opening up agriculture lighting areas

In fact, with the exception of road lighting and track lighting made popular, xu feng photoelectric products also sells very well in other fields.

Xu feng photoelectric this year has developed a set of new technology, can according to the temperature needed for plant growth and light, customized LED intelligent lighting lamps and lanterns, a dragon fruit production base in hainan were called immediately after contact with, and once purchased fifty thousand lamps and lanterns.

"After the early investment and research, we developed a set of agriculture, in April lighting products, has the product technology is mature, the patent is still in the application process, its biggest advantage is that you can according to particular demand for spectrum for simulated sunlight to customize the light." Zhao Fufang said, "through the internal environment of the facilities and lighting control, make the plant production is not affected by environmental factors such as geography, climate, and the technology, which laid a foundation for agricultural implement assembly line type continuous production."

"Using three-dimensional cultivation pattern, through the LED lighting technology, intelligent control technology combined with soilless cultivation technology, to realize the integration of environment and water control and intelligent." Zhao Fufang introduction, to vigorously promote the new product, xu feng photoelectric ready to build a miniature plant factory. In addition to using the computer to environmental elements of crop growth process automatic control, adjustment, can also be supplemented by suitable for different types of plants to grow red and blue LED floodlight agriculture. , he said, the advanced technology application prospect is very bright, such as plant growth lighting can be used in the space, can provide the space shuttle and space station with oxygen, food, etc.

Adhere to the niche

Xu feng photoelectric is a specialized research, development, production and sales of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, to carry out the contract energy management and energy saving in the service of one of the high-tech enterprises. The company has a strong technology research and development strength and the system complete solution, who participated in the part of guangzhou Asian games venues, countries such as the great hall of guangdong provincial party committee and provincial key engineering project design and winning. In addition, the company products have been listed in the second batch of energy-saving product catalog of changsha, successfully won the bid in 2015 most of the lighting engineering, changsha metro line 1 in the same year won the bid of changsha liuyang river sight lighting engineering. At present, the LED plant growth light, drive midge plant light agricultural use such as light as a new growth point enterprise.

"This year, from January to October output value has reached more than 1200 ten thousand yuan, compared with the same period last year, increased by 34%." Tang china-italy said, "this year's target output value is 16 million, issue of the open section with gold-sun avenue lighting and another $1 million a has to export list, it's not difficult to finish the task."

In the context of the overall economic downturn, xu feng photoelectric has risen, tang means that "thanks to the backdrop of the reform on the supply side, xu feng photoelectric niche approach, no homogeneity competition, and has its own core technology team, can provide a solid backing support."

Aiming at plant factory deal

"With the development of modern agriculture, agricultural lighting needs are growing, followed by a big increase in power consumption. This is not only technical challenge to the traditional agriculture lighting lamps and lanterns, also for the development and application of new agricultural lighting lamps and lanterns provides a very good opportunity."

LED lighting and the combination of modern agriculture can bring multiple positive, it can make crops, plant or flower harvest period shorten, coupled with the appropriate environmental controls, such as the use of LED drive midge plant lamp, etc., not only can prevent pests, and from the use of pesticides or reduce pesticide use, for food safety control, and improve the added value of agricultural products.

"The next stage of development goals, is the preparation of plant factory into a collection of cultivation, research and development, sales for the integration of modern agricultural production base, make it become the largest trading center plant factory in hunan and even the whole country." Zhao Fufang said, at the same time, through the innovation center platform, fully mobilize and integration of government, enterprises, research institutes and other kinds of resources, efforts to realize the goal of industrialization in the plant factory.

Incubation park is located in liuyang developing economic district of xu feng photoelectric production workshop, workers are working in tension