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The focus of the development of led street light
Feb 06, 2017

After years of accumulation and hard, no matter from the technical, market audience and acceptance and in practical application for the led street lamp industry already very full of interaction, market coverage has been a substantial increase in advance into the science and technology, in the future development of a few years will present the development of explosive morphology.

Traditional forms of lighting were replaced by a new type of led street lamp lighting is the inevitable trend, led lights will replace the high-pressure sodium lamp mentioned the trend of intelligent lighting, as long as it is light after the product will be covered with leds, this is because more excellent, this is the element of time development needs. Does not rule out future have better products also replace led lights products, the higher people's material requirements needed products becomes more advanced.

Our led street light business main market is still at home, light source are the main reasons why this technology is still lack of a little, development is relatively lagging, always passive use imported chips, and the products made in China is too little, always rely on the import so that a profit is greatly reduced. In order to establish the international leading position we have to improve ability of technical innovation from beginning to end. In line with international advanced technology innovation in the process of learning, money for research and development of large-scale industrialization ability.