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Sharp 8 k LED research and development has the most perfect! Color grade radio requirements
Mar 03, 2017

Japan's national institute for materials science (NIMS) and sharp company officially announced on 23 this month, has been successful for 8 k high-definition screens developed so far, the most perfect LED solutions. This design by adjusting the color green phosphor efficiency so as to effectively improve the screen to red, green and blue reduction degree of the "primary colors", and has reached the level 8 k radio color domain requirements, color scheme to not lose an equivalent LCD.

♦ 8 k resolution

According to introducing, this new screen used NIMS and sharp joint research and development of "green fluorescent material gamma Alon", it can realize pure green color, and then make the screen colour can cover 90% of the BT. 2020 standard color gamut.

♦ 8 k LED color gamut

researchers say, is now more common ascension large screen color gamut is the use of cadmium quantum dots, but from an environmental point of view, this technology is not an option. NIMS and sharp, only need to replace new LED back light white leds components can realize the color gamut of ascension, to avoid the cost brought by the use of harmful elements and safety hidden trouble.

At present, Japan has decided to begin to popularize 8 k level broadcasting in 2018, and at the 2020 Tokyo games make 8 k ultra-high resolution referred to as the mainstream.