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OLED is an opportunity or a trap
Jan 01, 2018

Currently, the industry has different views on the future of OLED. Mainly by the current OLED technology limitations, many people questioned the prospects for OLED, but there are also quite a few people think that technical problems can be quickly resolved. However, we really look at the prospects for OLED it?

Many people in the industry believe that China and OLED are at the same level in OLED. Therefore, this is an opportunity for Chinese enterprises to catch up with foreign enterprises. At the same time, there are also related projects in China, such as Changhong OLED Project and Rainbow OLED Project. However, on the whole, the overall interest of domestic enterprises is not great.

The other hand, foreign companies, Japanese companies have long been involved in the OLED related research, but by the technical and cost constraints, such as Japan's Sony 扥 the company have announced the discontinuation of OLED. This has to say to domestic enterprises on the prospects for the OLED industry put forward pondering. It is estimated that due to many complicated factors, domestic enterprises can not easily launch OLED projects.

Today, South Korea's Samsung as the absolute boss of the OLED market, the global OLED market share of up to 97%. At the same time is also increasing investment in the OLED industry, the recent increase of 9.2 billion US dollars to the OLED project, to the OLED industry seems to have injected a surge of tonic. Of course, Samsung has obvious technical advantages, but also rich and powerful. The future of South Korea to maintain the dominance of the display area, whether it is South Korean government or business in the decision-making OLED project less above the hesitation of Chinese enterprises.

So, everyone so look at the current OLED industry, OLED industry for Chinese companies, is to catch up with foreign companies opportunities or pitfalls?