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Multiple beam geometry LED lamps
Feb 06, 2017

New long wheelbase e-class car application of multiple beam geometry LED lamps

Equipped with 84 separate start LED point light source,

Broke the previous record of 24

This means that it can realize more bright and precise lighting effect.

With the precision control to reach new levels

The light distribution automatic road illumination,

At the same time other road participants will not cause dazzling dazzling.

Multiple beam geometry before LED headlights and LED headlight beams

(each one headlight with 24 LED point light source),

Adopt the new development of the LED module, point light source quantity increase.

New technology has accelerated the dynamic response,

Lighting light high resolution and more accurate.

At the same time, the geometry LED headlight beams

Without any mechanical servo mechanism can achieve bend lighting function.

Multiple beam geometry LED lamps

Each LED point light source can be electronically controlled,

And in this way will the LED point light source together as "grid",

Light distribution can be completely separate from the left and right headlight control,

And with extremely high dynamic level to adapt to the traffic.

This can make the road sections of specific lighting.

In terms of the number of pixels, multiple beam geometry LED lamps

With the same LED display,

It can control the higher the more pixels resolution alone,

The image is fine.

A higher number of pixels also displays more dynamic.

In the perception of an object will bring synchronization precision and brightening.

Due to the increase of LED point light source,

New long wheelbase e-class car headlights

To raise the resolution of the light pattern to about 3.5 times that of before.

Obvious advantage is that,

Other traffic participants can obtain better glare protection,

And blinding light can be reflected back to avoid more effectively.

Compared with the conventional LED lighting system,

Geometry LED headlight beams in the part of the output

Can reach 2.5 times of the former.

In addition, multiple beam geometry LED headlight recognition degree is high,

Blue ribbon become the nods eyeball pen of its surface.

Because there is a high resolution light distribution, random distribution

So in the new long wheelbase e-class car

For the first time realized the full digital mode

All in and low beam function of intelligent lighting system,

Without mechanical connection and control.

Similarly, the global initiative dynamic curve lighting function

Are all electronic.

In addition, the new long wheelbase e-class car can also

Offers a variety of new adaptive lighting function,

For the driver and other road users

To improve the safety of driving at night.

❖ in case of rain,

New development of weather lighting work

Can be targeted to lower the brightness of the LED point light source,

Thus weakening lane to glance,

And can take the initiative to prevent reflection from the other vehicles made by indirect glare.

❖ when car at low speed or with lighting of road,

City lighting function can provide for drivers

Exceptionally broad light distribution,

To illuminate harder to see the pavement and the danger zone.

❖ adaptive high beam assist system enhanced version have been optimized.

Because of the pixel, so in part of the main beam mode,

The distribution of light exposure area is more accurate than ever before,

More dynamic, and the use of the dipped headlight time is longer than ever before.

The cameras on the windshield

For the system to provide the face of complex traffic conditions must be information,

And also be used for other auxiliary functions.

Each car's four frequency control unit 100 times per second

Calculate the ideal pattern of light,

And start each precise grid module respectively

All 84 high-performance LED point light source.

Is very different from conventional high beam,

When there are other vehicles lights lit areas,

Geometry LED headlight beams is also provide support for the driver.

Because it can make the vehicle identification in a flash

And out of the light distribution,

So long wheelbase E new car in

Under the condition of high beam is always open easily.

This ensures that the driver all the time

Can get the best lighting and visual effects,

And will not make other traffic participants feel light glare.

In addition to the function of advanced headlamps,

New long wheelbase e-class car is also equipped with

Which has the function of brightness control LED taillights "stars",

This is also the mercedes-benz unique technical characteristics,

With new long wheelbase e-class car is the first time.

The brake and wide lamp light intensity variable at work,

It depends on the driving condition and ambient lighting.