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Methods the choose and buy
Aug 22, 2017

Methods the choose and buy

The development of TV industry with each passing day, the color television, digital camera, network television, full of beautiful things in eyes of stereoscopic television, and so on new products, from selling walk, the most attract consumer attention is the color TV manufacturers hyped "LED TV".

LED TV strictly is the name of so-called "LED back light liquid crystal TV", refers to the LED as back light liquid crystal TV, LED TV in a strict sense refers to completely using LED (light emitting diode), as a TV imaging device, namely LED display is used to design a kind of super high density application products, which has the function of TV screen size is not restricted. It USES the LED light source to replace the traditional fluorescent tube. Theory of LED TV picture quality, longer life, more energy-efficient, more environmentally friendly production technology, can make the liquid crystal display panels such outstanding advantages as thinner, but not all LED TV have more advantages, when consumer choose and buy must open your eyes.

The preferred LED TV's most prominent advantage is more clear picture, color domain coverage more widely, color reduction degree is higher. This is the LED TV is one of the main reasons for more expensive than ordinary LCD TV. Other LED TV with LED back light alone doesn't necessarily make better quality, must have a good quality processing circuit and the technology behind it, otherwise there will be no quality improvement.

Consumer is when the choose and buy can let the salesman connected to the same signal source, is the best high-definition input contrast, if the definition about the same, even than ordinary LCD TV is good, it proves that the LED TV and worthless. Other consumers can let the seller put the television to no signal state or blue screen to watch, if it is found that the four corners and center part TV brightness uneven, or have light-leaking phenomenon around the screen, this means that the manufacturer of LED TV technology is not mature, quality is the most basic circuit processing technology are not ready, the quality of LED TV more cans be imagined.

Second, energy saving. LED TV power consumption should be lower than normal LCD TV, if the LED power consumption even than ordinary LCD TV, consumers don't buy.

Again, the technology and configuration. LED TV one of the most important core technology, which can have a backlight zone control, this technique can ensure that the TV show more excellent in quality, lower power consumption, long service life. With the technology manufacturers are numbered. In addition, television images of clarity and processing speed key chips, on the choice LED to see if a 1 + 1 chipset and DOT restore system, if the chip processing speed is slow or single chip, will cause the picture in the process of play is not smooth, cannot reach the point-to-point high-definition playback, more short of full hd broadcast standard in the future. Its identification method is: under the different signal broadcast, one of the menu brightness contrast parameters adjustment, will find two different signal source parameters, if the same, then the TV for single chip processing. LED can also from the point of hd audio and video, high-definition video's VC1, H264, hd audio DTS and LPCM format, which is to identify one of the important measure of LED LCD TV.

And then, watch brand. LED LCD TV from 2007 began to development, from the point of the world, so far only a few manufacturers also grasp the core technology of the LED. LED TV seems simple, actually need very profound technology accumulation and reserves, not overnight can do well. Industry insiders told me that only five brands in the world really master LED core technology. Most manufacturers LED TV is mostly OEM or so-called caocao component production line, the serious technology is not mature, there are many consumers unknown technical defects. The manufacturer has a characteristic, is selling the court can only see a small amount of one or two types of so-called LED TV, can not cover the entire product size, due to immaturity of the technology cannot be applied to all sizes of LED LCD TV.

LED TV experts warned consumers to choose and buy must focus on quality, sound quality, such as key link, don't be attracted by factory additional product features or gift, because we buy TV, rather than outside TV product function and gifts, and a waste of money then.

1, the consistency, white and red, green and blue, no Mosaic.

2, see the heat dissipation, high fever.

3, the refresh rate, and presence of the tail and flashing.

4, the contrast and black expression. Actually many LCD TV on the black expressiveness has more or less the disadvantage, and LED back light television can automatically adjust the LED brightness level, widen the contrast performance ability, improve the deep black, black the expressive force of more deep, so black performance advantages to become one of the symbols of good LED TV might as well when the choose and buy directly compare the show of the television for black.

5, the color gamut expression. Can be judged so roughly, as if the reversal of the photo effect, for example, relative inversion before will be more colorful, more clear, the color gamut not extensive television, animation will also like to reverse effect picture, color is not in place.

6, the dynamic picture display effect. LED TV itself because the advantage of back light than the ordinary LCD have an advantage in terms of response speed, and can provide parameter data from - screen refresh rate and dynamic to watch screen to compare to the naked eye to distinguish, for example, you can find a ride to play racing, football game, such as video, catwalk models show can, for example, the ups and downs of the inferior television even models walk dynamic images are unbearable. The screen refresh rate, the television screen refresh rate on market in 100 Hz to 200 Hz, the screen refresh rate is higher, the performance is more stable, more clear picture.

7, look at the interface. Is referred to in the high-definition TV buying guide interface, because I think if you want to enjoy the high quality video also depends on the sources, by computers, DVD, PS3, these external functions to be thoughtful, more than a few HDMI never cheated ~ however, don't let the thin frenzy to buy LED TV eyes, many vendors in pursuit of thin, many interfaces are external, select a built-in interface complete TV is also very important.

TCL brand LED TV

TCL in LED joined the dynamic contrast and natural light regulation technology, in addition to improve the picture display effect, also can improve the dynamic trailing phenomenon of the picture. Another effect in promoting the picture at the same time, TCL also joined the intelligent LED TV sound, through the addition of this technology, users can enjoy the cinema of visual and sound effects. As a representative of the entertainment machine products, TCL in LED has good performance in the entertainment function, user besides can achieve mainstream video files play, can also through the network connection to browse online information and software upgrades, fully meet the daily use requirements of users.

TCL home expo in 2013 launched a new high-end brands Viveza V101's first product, this is also the world's first fully flat ultra-thin LED TV. And on March 26, the official launch plan "V" of the new product, "V plan" is a major strategic move TCL multimedia 2013. V101 only 12.5 mm of ultra-thin high-end TV, as a result of the space industry integration of the third generation of the most efficient integration technology (BMS), V101 cooling system, signal system, power system, acoustic system perfect hold in 12.5 mm thick machine mechanical space, created the global LED TV slim record.