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Lighting voice control LED lights, can check the weather, to tell jokes...
Feb 09, 2017

Amazon to third party hardware manufacturers to open the "voice" Alexa, provide free API, allowing developers to add on the equipment Alexa voice services. Recently, the GE lighting company has Alexa has unveiled a built-in voice assistant ring of LED lights.

In spite of the modelling is a modern fashion, GE lighting does not give it a fancy name, simply to be classified as GE C series of LED lights. The function of LED lights and with a somewhat similar to amazon's Echo equipment, with listening to the user's voice commands the microphone and speaker for reply. The LED lights voice commands and receive reply function will be online at any time, users do not need to toggle switch to enable voice function, only need to call a sound "Alexa" can call voice services.

Like amazon's Echo on Alexa, the LED lights Alexa voice assistant call function, can provide users with also can get it to read news, check the weather, tell jokes and play music. Of course, the user can also be used for Alexa home some compatible Alexa smart home devices for voice control.