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Leds fault don't ask for, learn to this a few action for a rainy day
Feb 17, 2017

Life can be seen everywhere the form of LED lights, brightness, low power consumption and long life characteristics, LED lights have been fire for many years.

But the LED is not bright, dark, after turn off the lights flashing life common problem what should you do? We have to analyze.

1, what is the LED lights?

LED (light-emitting diode) is a kind of ability to electric energy into visible light solid state semiconductor devices, known as the fourth generation of lighting source or green light source, has the energy conservation and environmental protection, long life characteristics such as small volume.

2, the basic structure of LED lights?

Leds have dome light and the light bulb in two forms, but whatever the form, its internal structure is the same.

1. Lamp bead: leds luminous body, the most commonly used in electrical electrical components

Open dome light shell/bulb white plastic part, we can see a yellow rectangle of circuit boards, yellow lamp bead, namely the number determines the brightness of LED lights.

2. Drive: constant current, step-down, rectifier, filter function

Absorb dome light drives is a black box, and the light bulb drive is installed at the bottom, appearance can't see.

3, the LED light not bright?

1. Confirm the circuit: new electric measure should use pencil, to check for voltage in the circuit.

2. Drive problem: the light is not bright, nine times out of ten is the drive problem. If you turn on the light back bead is not bright, should buy a new drive for replacement.

PS: light-emitting diodes (leds) to the requirement of current, voltage is higher, so you need to drive the constant current drive and rectifier, step-down transformer and other equipment maintenance use.

4, LED lights dim

The problem is likely to come from the lamp bead. Each string lights on the bead is connected in series, series between series and parallel. Therefore a lamp bead burned will lead to the lamp set beads are not bright.

How to identify the burned-out lamp bead? Look from the exterior, burning lamp bead in the middle of the position with a black and indelible dot.

How to solve? Burning lamp bead if not much, can be burned two behind the lamp bead welding feet together with electric welding. If too much, need to purchase a new lamp bead board.

5, the LED lights flashing?

1. Check whether the zero line and the line of fire. See first switch in the line color is red, if not consider switch can control the zero line, change in time.

2. Observe the flashing lights. Such as more than the room lights flashing and belong to the same circuit, consider distribution meet the zero line and the line of fire in the oven. After the switch must be ready to maintenance in the future.

3. May be the light to produce self-induction electric current. This situation can be replaced with incandescent lamp, or buy a 220 v relay, the relay coil in series in the circuit, so as to absorb the induced current.

Above is the helium krypton summary of LED lights several common failures and solutions, hope to help everyone.