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Led Wall lamp how to install correctly, do you know?
Jan 03, 2017

Led Wall lamp installed mainly pay attention to the following aspects:

1, first take out the bracket and make a mark on the wall, and then drill, plug into the expansion pipe screw fixation. Then connect the line lamp. Fixed to the brackets would be nice.

2, bedside lamp installation is very simple, the entire installation process is divided into two steps, the first step to determine in detail the installation location, the second step is to install.

3, just after the installation is complete dry work and display, after pressing, curing even completed.

Nightstand bedside led Wall lamp Wall lamp by definition is in bedroom, when determining the installation location is required to determine led Wall lamp to ground height and pick out the wall distance.

(1) the bed Wall lamp mounting height for wall lamps 1.5M~1.7m out from the ground for good;

(2) bedside lamp to pick a wall distance is approximately 95~400mm.

You understand the led Wall lamp do this simple installation method? Pretty simple, actually, after you learn the simple, for some details, but people still don't know enough about the look if you want to install, or get a professional to install better well, or when you buy lamps, some manufacturers will have a dedicated installation for you people Oh! LED Wall lamp, night lighting, specialty manufacturers, professional installation techniques make you worry-free, all easy to get!