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LED lights of blue light if there is a harm to the eyes, can also be used in the future?
Feb 17, 2017

Whether your circle of friends have such articles, "LED blue light can damage the retina" "has enormous influence on the LED blue light to the eyes," "uncover hidden behind the LED blue light"... To weed out the incandescent lamp, all change on LED light source for consumers in the home, saw these undoubtedly mentally.

LED lights of blue light if there is a harm to the eyes, can also be used in the future? With the popularity of LED light source, interpretation of similar topic must have authority.

According to the set consulting LED research center (LEDinside) "2017 global lighting market outlook" report, LED lighting market is worth $29.6 billion in 2016, the LED lighting market scale will reach $33.1 billion in 2017, LED lighting penetration reached 52%.

And with the sales plan of our country has entered the deadline last October, the LED light source is also become the market mainstream products. On February 9, the lamp of the city, near li river in Beijing reporter noticed that the LED light source has become the mainstream in the absolute, even some students with learning lamp products directly on the package is written the words "blue".

"Why do you want to write without blu-ray? Blue light is bad for the eyes?" Facing questions, stores quickly explained: "some people say that the LED blue light is harmful to the eyes, but in fact as long as it is the qualified products, blue light radiation intensity is in the reasonable scope, will not have too much damage to the eyes."

So, whether can product published parameters blu-ray content? Store staff said, just released from the product of voltage and frequency is not calculated blu-ray is excessive, is because the voltage and frequency electrical indicator, and blue light is a kind of optical indicator.

And its claim to "flux" is an optical indicator, but it is only the total flux of white light instead of blue light flux, so the average consumer is hard to figure out whether this light blue too much. "Most consumers, or just say what you need brand, what the specifications of the straight away. The real 'partners who are really not much."

Then, LED blue light how much harm? Blue light damage and, in fact, "blue" lighting effect is not LED lighting products, before some metal halide lamp and fluorescent lamp already exist.

China lighting association, deputy director of the popular science branch committee AnLanPo said, to distinguish between blue light damage and "blue" lighting affects SiChen rhythms of the two different situations, blu-ray harm is refers to the blu-ray radial brightness when achieving the prescribed standards of 2 or 3 class, will be in a relatively short time instant or harm to the human eye, it is based on the standard GB/T20145-2006 / CIES009 / E: 2002, the decision is based on CTL - 0744 _2009 - laser resolution. And "blue" of human physiological effects of illumination is smooth and silently, and after several months or even years to significantly affect the person's SiChen rhythm, this is the research frontier in the world, there are more research reports, but there's no corresponding evaluation criteria.

In ordinary cases, indoor use only blu-ray hazard classification under 1 class and LED lighting products. In order to avoid by using high color WenFu blue LED lighting products possible adverse effects on human health, indoor LED lighting products of color temperature should not be more than 4000 k, the general color rendering index should be above 80. Indoor lighting should avoid to use color temperature above 5000 k and LED lighting products. AnLanPo also said that the blue light is an important part of white, so under normal circumstances filter out blue light is one-sided, according to their physical SiChen rhythm light component selection and quality, is the right.

For the special groups (diabetes and photosensitive drugs affect people) or may be in a special position (such as infants and young children, can look straight into the situation of the LED lights, you should use no harm of LED lighting products.

Because infant eyes delicate, unable to blue light filtering, after years of development, and diabetes have retinopathy, retinal light damage about value drops greatly, under blue light have a larger impact on the vision.