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Led lights for road lighting to create a better future
Feb 06, 2017

With the gradually popularization of led lighting, led street lamp enterprises have begun to more and more attention to quality standard application, light distribution and more humanized lighting demand factors such as visual comfort. Kay and led lighting products with high technology content, low resource consumption, green environmental protection, etc., in areas such as road lighting, landscape lighting, factory lighting development more mature.

At present, the led street lamp is key battleground in the development of urban lighting, traditional street lamp has many advantages compared with high pressure sodium lamp, etc. To replace the traditional street lamps with led lights, more and more cities are the beneficial attempt in this respect. In led lighting product design are sufficient to satisfy people's live, work, the basic function such as health and safety at the same time, also created more people and city, combining the communication between people, places, returned to the city residents to bring a sense of belonging and a sense of pride. Led lights gradually spread all over the roads of the city, at night, strips roads are led street lamp illuminates, formed a beautiful scenery line, has now become a new name card of city propaganda.

Led road lighting market potential is gradually released, shandong kay optoelectronics technology co., LTD., actively strengthen technology research and development, strengthen the exploit overseas market, enhance the level of professional services, design a new type of energy conservation and environmental protection led street light products, to create a more superior led street light, to create a better future for the lighting industry.