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LED lights, energy saving but dangerous, bright blind your eyes!
Feb 07, 2017

The American medical Association (AmericanMedical Association, AMA) has just passed a formal statement about LED lights, suggest to reduce this kind of new street light color soft brightness.

The statement on June 14 at the AMA's annual meeting in Chicago to get participants unanimously, statement warning is popular the new LED street light will bring problems in the country. An AMA committee released a guide on how to choose the LED street lamp, in order to "reduce the potential damage to human health and the environment".

Many cities are higher efficiency, longer life of LED street lamp to replace the existing street lamp, in order to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Although these new street lamp has many advantages, but the AMA's position shows that light and there is close relationship between the human body health, reasonable use of the new technology LED lighting is very important.

AMA proposal night outdoor lighting, street lamp, in particular, color temperature not more than 3000 k. Color temperature, Color temperature, CT) is to measure the spectrum of light emitted by a light source in the unit of measure, shows how much of the blue, green, yellow, red light in them. Higher color temperature would mean more blue light, and look at some more white.

A color temperature of 4000 k or 5000 k white LED lights off a great deal of shortwave blu-ray, the lamp is a lot of update the lights of the city's main choice, including Seattle, New York.

But following is complain of this light is too dazzling. An extreme case of California, Davis, all citizens apply for replace these high color temperature of LED street light.

So, whether we have energy saving and not bring health and safety issues of the lamp?

Two of the problems of LED lights

Incandescent light color temperature is 2400 k, which means it less blue, red and yellow. Before in the light, we burn wood or night candles light, this kind of artificial light color temperature around 1800 k, is almost entirely yellow/red, almost no blue light, and we are now facing this situation is completely different.

According to the AMA report, are popular throughout the country, in many cities the rapid spread of the new "white" LED street lamps, there are two problems:

The first is dazzling and makes people feel uncomfortable. Because this kind of LED light spectrum is very narrow, there are a large number of blue light, it will be very dazzling, make the pupil contraction. Blu-ray easier than long wavelengths of yellow and red in the eyes of the scattering, after reaching a certain degree can damage the retina. It will bring to safe driving and walking at night security issues. You can easily verify this, try to look at your new washing machine or other electric light, you will find it is very difficult, because the light make you sick. Street lights can cause the same effect, especially its blue a lot, and without proper shielding.

The second problem is that this kind of lighting effects on the human body biological clock.

Color temperature can be accurately illustrate the spectral content of light, it means: contained in the light of different wavelengths of light have how much. This is to measure the light emitted by tungsten filament incandescent lamp is designed.

However, color temperature for measuring fluorescent lights and LED lights chromatography is not very accurate. Another set of correlated color temperature (correlated color temperature, CCTS) measurement system used to measure this type of light source. It put the spectral content of the light source is adjusted for human visual sensitivity to the color. Using the way of measuring and two different types of color temperature 3000 k light source will have great different in blu-ray content.

AMA think CCTS below 3000 k, therefore, there is no guarantee that the blu-ray minimize, when choosing LED lamps and lanterns should consider LED lights at the same time the exact value of spectral irradiance of light corresponding number of each color.

The light causes of health problems

AMA the formal announcement came very timely, last week update of the artificial lighting brightness maps show night, street lamp light pollution is the main component. According to a statement from the AMA, night lights is one of the problems that its effect on human health.

Light have an effect on our body clocks, it will have serious health consequences.

Night, white LED lights is expected to be the same brightness of high pressure sodium lamp on the inhibitory effect of melatonin JiangWu times, this kind of high pressure sodium lamp is the backbone of the street lamp over the past decade. Melatonin suppression is a sign of biological clock disorder, result in a sleep disorder.

Bright night also affects wildlife, for example, the interference of migratory birds landmarks, affect some nesting aquatic animals on the shore.

Street lights and health

AMA in this official statement puts forward three Suggestions:

First of all, the AMA support "reasonable public light replaced with LED light, this will save energy, reduce the consumption of fossil fuels."

Second, AMA "encouraged to reduce and control a large amount of blue light source, encourage the use of blue light illuminant, at least to reduce glare damage."

Third, AMA "encouraged in the outdoor facilities, such as highway, the use of color temperature in 3000 k or less light. All leds should have appropriate block, to reduce the dazzle eye damage, reduce the adverse effects on the human body and environment, and should make public administration can reduce the brightness of the LED lights at off-peak hours."

For a complex problem, often do not have a perfect solution. We have to light, the night is not only light up home and office, but also illuminates the outdoor street. Energy efficiency is a very serious matter, but at the same time, reduce the risk of bad light damage human body, including the dazzling and biological clock disorder, is also very important, LED technology can improve both by reasonable design.

The translator profile:

1, LED lights have different color temperature of the product itself (white light and yellow light), but under the same power, the brightness of the white LED more than yellow light LED, it could be city bidding will choose white LED main reason: in the tender documents under the condition of the same brightness, white LED manufacturers price will be lower, are more likely to win the tender;

2, medical research found that blue light are more easy to damage eyes;

3, the traditional artificial light sources, such as candles, kerosene lamps, incandescent light bulb, the light is very close to the sun, contains the entire spectrum of from red to blue, but the LED light spectrum is very narrow, white leds light contains a large amount of blue light;

4, China is now in the large-scale use of LED lights to replace the traditional city lights, don't know the Chinese ministry of health, ministry of construction, as well as local governments know that the AMA's statement? Caused the attention?

5, LED lights are also into the family, and home to replace LED lights, also need to attach great importance to the AMA this warning;

6, in fact, in our daily life, in the face of most LED lights, is a computer monitor, a cheap LED display, also sent a lot of blue light, you use this display a long time, eyes will special fatigue; Almost no one in our work of open the computer, so it is related to everyone's eyesight health, the solution has two: one is the replacement eye display (the display a little blue, of course, you want to understand, must be expensive). One is wearing eyeglasses (recommended professional eye glasses brand GUNNAR, please make your own the baidu brand), and this kind of glasses can filter blue light.