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LED lights and potted romantic encounters
Feb 17, 2017

Most of us are like their own small room decorates meticulously, or add a few small things on his desk, like a picture frame, potted plant, sculpture, the mascot of what...

A room cannot lack most in addition to the tables and chairs should be light, through the ages, lamps and lanterns is continually evolve, now has entered the era of the LED light source...

When the LED lights and ancient and traditional bonsai art after a romantic encounter, wonderful chemical reaction happened inevitably...

LED pot lamp like this should give you space to bring a little bit of spring in the air

The desk lamp of DIY a potted plant

The desk lamp of a pure and fresh, can foil the desktop clean and tidy; A pot of beautiful potted plants can not only make the room to increase vitality, the mood better? If the two together, will produce a magic effect. For example, there is a called Grasslamp the desk lamp of light (grass) will its unity.

Grasslamp team wasn't just the potted plant, and desk lamp form-fitting originality, potted plant in the lamp also simplifies many. Designers and inside in the soil, and only water, plants and LED lights. Lamp is an oval structure, internal installation, there is a sink in the water tank in the seeds of plants, injected water, cover, after a period of time, the seed germination.

Those green plants to grow up, you can use the desk lamp, turn on the lights, the reflection of light through the water, and reflected on the green plants, can be soft and full of vitality. And, more importantly, the design don't have to worry about dirty your hands and your desktop, and, like the sunshine and green grass really moved to the table.

Potted plants combined with the crossover of the light

The "lights" plants by German designers Viktor Alexander Kolbig design. By plant power generation, it is not just a potted plant combined with lights.

This will be the unique design of water and light together have the potential to become a trend. Plant leaves or flowers of different colors, can change the color of light shot up from the base of the light bulb, let the lamps and lanterns to produce different atmosphere. Using LED lamp, also can use its intelligence model to control the degree of the strength of the light.

Light pot

Light potted, not plants will shine, but the installation of the LED light system in the pot, near the walls reflects the light of various shapes, with flowers, plants and insects.

LED lamp power consumption is low, use the button cell can open for a long time, green shoots a silver light, elegant flower of light, such as looking like the light of life.

Alternative potted plants lamplight, can be used as an avant-garde and experimental lights decoration.

No Windows in the house, what kind of pot?

Without a balcony room without Windows like some kind of potted plants? Germany's creative design studio WeLove Eames designed a potted plant, wrong, is a desk lamp. Called Mygdal Plantlamp products will be potted and desk lamp together, put the green plant in the lamp, through the light can give potted plants photosynthesis the light source.

When light pot again meets modular

What exactly happens when potted plants in the light, what kind of chemical reaction? And this "pot" can also according to their own needs and style to prune. This clip can perfect fit our module and a small light bulb. We all know that modular smartphone is how to return a responsibility, so this is the desk lamp of modular? Modular pot? Splyt Light is such an amazing work.

Each kit, we can see at least eight to 10 w bulb, but Splyt Light is mainly made up of these Y type module, we see that some Y module USES the design of three branch, while others adopted the design of the two branches.

However, while we can "trim" Splyt the shape of the Light, but it can't afford too bright Light, it can only be "processed" highest 75 w bulb. By the way, if you like, can also use it as a chandelier.

Although Splyt Light is a great "pot", but it's like a lot of new things, there are some very slightly regret of defects, such as its change is less, although everyone can according to individual be fond of to clip, maybe designer can bring more change for it in the future, or bring more module shape, color or pattern, let Splyt Light appears more fullness.

For technology products, modular, perhaps in the future will be a very normal, now that the smartphone can be modular, so some intelligent household products, natural also can use the concept of modularity.