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LED lighting products unqualified case analysis
Mar 15, 2017

LED lighting products are exported to a vast market, but there have been some returned to the case. How to avoid this kind of circumstance happening better? PTC by for some LED light source and LED lamps and lanterns of unqualified products typical case analysis, the hope can help the company friends.

1.1 a

Somewhere to accept some LED bulbs a batch of enterprise exports to the eu, according to the requirement of sampling, inspection institutions in accordance with the requirements of the 1 ec62560-2011 version to test the product.

Tested and found that there are two problems with this LED bulbs:

1, lack of standard tag;

2, withstand voltage test is punctured.

1.1.1 labeling requirements are as follows:

1, source of marks (can take marks, name of manufacturer or distributor).

2, rated voltage or voltage range (expressed as a "V" or "V");

3, rated power (expressed as a "W" or "W");

4, rated frequency (expressed as a "Hz").

Manufacturers, such as trademark is an important part of the tag. The lamps and lanterns is lack of source tag, consumers can't find the light bulb through equipment manufacturer or distributor, product quality problems found can't timely return; Lack of source tag, the lack of government departments through product tracking the important means of production enterprises, disrupting the market order.

1.1.2 standards of bulb L/N between the poles and other accessible components to withstand voltage test. Test voltage is 2 U + 2000 v, U the voltage rating of lamps and lanterns), test time for 1 minute. The electric strength test is export LED bulbs must pass a test of the main program.

Did not pass the electric strength test can make the product internal components short circuit, electric shock and fire risk, poses a serious threat to people's life and property safety. In the process of test, the flashover LED bulbs, and breakdown. After dismantling, found that this LED light bulb inside a charged with metal cooling the creepage distance of the shell is too small, guide the folding of the LED bulbs can't withstand the electric strength of prescribed standards.

1.2 the second case

Somewhere to accept an enterprise LED a group of exports to the eu, as required after sampling, inspection institutions in accordance with the requirements of the 1 ec60598-1-2008 version to test the product.

Find the LED lights exist the following problems:

1, mark failed a swab test;

2, the electric strength test failed;

3, is located in unmarked, unused yellow green double color ground wire;

4, soft power lines diameter smaller than standard.

1.2.1 identification is one of the important reference data, consumers use instruments to ensure long-term tag readability, LED lights must pass a tag durability test. Test method is as follows: 15 s, water and gasoline wipe each tag should not fall off, blurred edge or not recognizable. Samples didn't use screen printing or add protective film protection products such as tag, lead to failure to pass tag durability test.

1.2.2 the electric strength test, prevent transient impact, to protect the safety of consumers and utensils, appliances must pass the electric strength test. Samples of 1500 v voltage between the poles and grounded (earthed) metal 1 minutes, should not appear breakdown. Through analysis, the cause of electric strength is not qualified for, instruments used by isolation transformer can not meet the standard requirements, isolation transformer has happened when I was in the 1200 v breakdown.

1.2.3 earthing terminal should be ground symbols, and use a dedicated yellow green double color power supply wire. Grounding line should use yellow green double color line can only be used for grounding and yellow green double color line, at the same time by grounding symbol mark, installation and maintenance personnel can clear the ground part of cognitive tools, guarantee the equipment grounding performance good, protect consumers' safety.

1 sample tag is shown in the product level lP20 of water-proof and dust-proof, as part of the waterproof and dustproof requirements, is a common lamps and lanterns. Than ordinary lamps and lanterns, working environment is poor, for the power cord to demand higher mechanical strength, to ensure that products in the process of using the power cord is not broke and power requirements, standard specifies requirements than common lamps and lanterns of external cord wire diameter at least 1.0 mm square. And send the samples by just 0.75 mm square, soft wire of power is less than the standard requirements.

Summary and enterprise solutions

2.1 according to the statistics, export LED lighting product is unqualified project mainly concentrated in the aspect of identity. Identification of unqualified account for more than 50% of overall unqualified project, but identification problem is also the most easy to solve. Mainly because companies failed to attach importance to tag questions, or failed to understand its scientific research strength is not enough standard required tag project. Enterprise can strengthen their own importance, improve the inspection process, to ensure the integrity of the tag and durability, can the leak standard, durable enough tags such as problem solving.

2.2 the fraction defective of the electric strength of more than 20% of the overall unqualified project, the electrical strength unqualified is caused by many factors. The electronic components mainly use unqualified or structural design is unreasonable, creepage distance and electric clearance is too small, and so on. Enterprises need to establish a complete system of incoming inspection, to ensure that the selected components conform to the requirements of the standard; At the same time improve the staff's working ability, participate in safety training, to ensure that the designed products can accord with the requirement of creepage distance gap and electric appliances.

2.3 grounding measures and external cord project unqualified causes and identity, can improve the value degree, thereby greatly reducing the chances of getting similar unqualified project.