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LED light source selection factors
Feb 07, 2017

As the rush market, as a consumer, choose LED, still need to be calm, scientific analysis, choose the best cost-effective light source and lamps and lanterns, the following introduce the basic performance of several kinds of LED:


Brightness LED brightness is different, the price is different. Used for LED lamps and lanterns, the LED should comply with the laser level Ⅰ class standard.


Antistatic ability of LED antistatic ability, long service life, thus higher prices. Antistatic usually greater than 700 v LED can be used in the LED lighting.


Consistent LED wavelength wavelength, color is consistent, such as request the same color, the price is high. Not the manufacturer of the LED light color separation instrument is not easy to produce pure color products.


Leakage current LED is a one-way conductive lights, if there is a reverse current, is called the leakage, leakage current big LED, short service life, low price.


Light Angle USES different LED light Angle is different. Special light Angle, the price is higher. Such as the diffuse Angle, the price is higher.


Life different quality is the key to life, life is decided by droop. Droop small, long service life, long life, high price.


Chip, chip of LED lights for different chips, the price difference is very big. Chip is more expensive, Japan, the United States generally chips in Taiwan and domestic price is lower than the day, the United States.


Chip the size of the chip size in length, said big LED chip quality is better than that of the small chip. The price is proportional with the chip size.


Colloid ordinary LED colloid generally for epoxy resin, leds with uv radiation and fire retardant added more expensive, high quality outdoor LED lighting should be uv and fire prevention.

Each product can have different design, different design suitable for different purposes, the reliability of the LED lighting design aspects include: electrical safety, fire safety, environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, security, time and other factors. From the perspective of the electrical safety shall comply with relevant international and national standards. Because of the LED is a new product, the national standard lag, but countries to provide product qualification testing. With international safety certification (such as GS, CE, UL, etc.) and the national product quality certificate of the LED lamp price is higher, because these products on the safety design is reliable. The attention of consumers is to carefully identify certificate of authenticity, now has the international safety certification and the national product certification factory is not much.

From the aspects of health, the use of non-toxic materials, design of the product price is higher, especially the indoor LED lighting, don't keen on gaining petty advantages chooses is faulty LED lamp act the role ofing, currently only a small number of LED manufacturers is to use non-toxic materials production, to identify the method can directly use the nose, smelly products price more lower than without bad smell. Similar toxins such as lead, mercury, cadmium needs professional analysis. Look from the applicable environmental security, have reliable dustproof moistureproof design, materials, fire prevention, prevent ultraviolet ray, prevent cold cracking of LED products price is high.