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LED large screen
Aug 22, 2017

LED large screen

With the development of science and technology, more bright, color more leds are manufactured, LED also begins to be applied in the TV imaging technology. LED is about the size of a green bean, so it is first used to make a big screen. Because of the large screen is to let the audience in far away places to watch, just need to together, large Numbers of LED can be made into large screen. Although close in front of the screen can see clearly set the individual leds, but from a distance, would feel the picture is more exquisite. The large screen is in the true sense of LED TV.


For the purpose to improve LCD TV image quality TV manufacturers started using LED back light liquid crystal TV. With the traditional fluorescent tube as compared to back light liquid crystal TV, LED LCD TV display more vivid colors. Except in color saturation, the picture of the dynamic adjustment can be made in different images, brightness and contrast can be dynamic correction, in order to achieve better image quality.

Function is introduced


The thickness of the traditional LCD TV is usually about 10 cm, way LED backlight is common on laptops, used in TV, make the thickness of the fuselage had thin leap.

Environmental protection and energy saving

In conventional LCD TV using back light, CCFL cold cathode fluorescent lamp, mercury containing harmful to human body. Although vendors trying to reduce the content of mercury in the fluorescent tube, but completely mercury-free fluorescent tube will bring some new technical problems. And LED back light must not contain mercury, in line with the green fashion. LED back light also very energy saving. LED internal driving voltage is far lower than the CCFL, power consumption and safety are better than that of CCFL.

Life is long

The service life of the different rating of the CCFL (half light) between 8000 ~ 100000 hours. In order to enhance performance and used for improving the service life of the CCFL backlight design will be even lower. While LED back light can achieve twice the CCFL. Therefore, the service life of the LED back light usually longer than the CCFL.

Wide color gamut

In fact, the picture quality. According to different light color, the LED can be divided into white LED back light source and RGB LED back light. The advantage of white LED technology is mainly power consumption is low, and RGB - LED back light the advantage of excellent color expressive force. RGB - LED back light through to the high purity of red, green, blue light LED devices, realize the traditional CCFL light source cannot reach wide color gamut range. Mainstream RGB - LED back light already can reach 105% of the NTSC color gamut range, more powerful LED device performance, and can achieve more than 120% of the NTSC color gamut range.

For LCD TV, its unique use of liquid crystal molecules are arranged to external light to control the imaging principle, determines the LCD panel is the key to affect the display effect is good. Therefore, when the choose and buy TV, key indicators and see if this product is selects high quality panels, does not have absolute effect LED!