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LED landscape light
Jan 21, 2017

LED landscape light is the use of LED decorative lighting as the light source, are ornamental and lighting, and more efficient than traditional light, long service life.

The characteristics of

LED landscape lamp modelling concise, reflect the popular lighting lamp design concept; Using digital colour light tube, through the intelligent digital controller to realize color chases, scanning, gradient and flicker change effect, with a strong environmental impact.

Material specification

The lamp body for iron/aluminum or high quality stainless steel or galvanized steel body heat after electrostatic pensu

Outdoor powder spraying the surface

Fasteners, bolts, nuts for iron/stainless steel technology parameters

For the acrylic cover or import PMMA lampshade material

Light source: energy-saving lamps, or high brightness LED light source

Protection grade: IP54 or IP55, IP65

Production process

By spraying zinc processing, stainless steel polishing processing

Application places: public Spaces and plazas, commercial pedestrian street, parks, villas, green belts, hotel, etc.