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LED lamps and the LED light source, can you describe clearly?
Feb 07, 2017

With the popularity of LED lamps, LED lamps and lanterns already holds the most existing lighting market, but most people have long believed that the LED lamps and the LED light source is one thing, is the same. But is not the case, there are many differences between them, there are obvious differences, therefore, cannot confuse STH with STH else.

1, LED light source

The LED light source (LED light source); The LED lamp or LED module provides components.

LED lights (LED lamp) : with a lamp holder, the combination of one or more LED light source module, unless permanent damage, LED module cannot be removed.

2, LED lamps and lanterns

LED lights (LED luminaire); Designed for the use of LED lighting lamps and lanterns.

Lamps and lanterns (luminaire) is defined as "to allocate, filters or transforms one or more of the lamp light of an apparatus, and including supporting, fixed, and protect the light all the necessary components (but not including the lamp itself), and the necessary circuit auxiliary device and connect them with the power of the device."

"Light" and "efficiency"

Luminous flux LED light photosynthetic efficiency refers to the source and the ratio of the electric power consumed; LED lamps and lanterns efficiency refers to the lamps and lanterns of claims under the conditions of use, from the initial total luminous flux of lamps and lanterns and the ratio of the power consumption.

"Light" for evaluation of the LED light source, "efficiency" for evaluation of LED lamps, LED lights and LED lighting lamps and lanterns of effectiveness is used for the efficiency of electric energy into light energy, is lighting products description index of energy-saving features

Luminous flux measurement method is different

LED light source of the luminous flux and LED lighting lamps and lanterns of efficiency of luminous flux measurement condition is different, the LED light source light efficiency of luminous flux is measured in pulse state, photosynthetic efficiency of light is no directivity, as long as the light out, whether it can be any one direction.

Luminous flux of LED lamps and lanterns of effectiveness is measured under steady state, efficiency of light is a directional, need to effective parts to light.

Different protection grade

As the light source, no special requirements or should achieve IP20 protection grade. But, for indoor lamps and lanterns should reach at least IP20 protection grade, LED road lamps and lanterns should reach at least IPX3 protection grade.

Therefore, we can see the LED lamps and lanterns and LED light source are two different concepts, professional don't confuse.