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LED intelligent lighting trillion-dollar market potential to be reckoned with
Feb 17, 2017

LED lighting integrated visible light communication "green lighting + + light green communication and everything" concept, with energy conservation and environmental protection, no electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic interference, wider application range, will bring a trillion-dollar market size. Intelligent lighting, visible light communication, or the Internet of things, such as car networking with the rhythm of The Times, the development of science and technology and innovative changes.

LED intelligent lighting market volume is tremendous growth

In recent years, the "energy conservation and emissions reduction and sustainable development" as the theme for the future development of, in this context, LED lighting with its unique energy saving, environmental protection, and high-profile. At the same time, with the launch of the concept of intelligence, intelligent life, LED intelligent lighting has also been more and more attention. According to relevant data show that intelligent lighting market penetration is still less than 2%, the market prospect is anticipated. So far, there have been hundreds of domestic pilot "wisdom city", related to intelligent lighting demand is still maintained strong growth momentum.

Hanover CEBIT fair of Germany in 2016, huawei has issued as the industry's first multi-level intelligent control lighting iot solutions, can save 80% of the electricity consumption. Zte has not more than 1, launched in the exhibition industry in the leading collections of street lamp, charging pile, base station, the wisdom city information acquisition as one of the "Blue Pillar" intelligent street lamp integrated solutions...

Intelligent lighting because the market size is huge, both industrial street, building, landscape lighting and consumption level of household lighting, has a wide range of market infrastructure. According to the international climate organization, for the lights of the world's possession of 304 million, and will reach 2025 in 2025.

According to forecast that by 2019, the use of the Internet of things technology of intelligent lighting system will be in the aspect of software and services to bring about $550 billion in revenue for the industry, and hardware sales of the income of just $50 billion. The Internet of things technology can take a variety of lighting equipment and lamps and lanterns with intelligent network, and to save up to 80% of the electricity consumption.

Although the field of intelligent light control has not formed the large-scale national consumer market, but the main manufacturer conform to the trend, continuous efforts, will be able to develop more realistic demand of excellent products. Someone points out, the wisdom of the burgeoning lighting, is intelligence household, city of wisdom, and an excellent access to the Internet of things, what it contains huge energy, will not only bring the whole lighting industry innovation, will be a great impact on lighting industry.

Visible light communication technology will foster a large number of relevant industry

Visible light communication (VLC) this noun believe many people are no longer strange. It is understood that the visible light communication technology is from the laboratory to industrialization of reality and formally put into production, it is not hard to foresee, in various fields of application prospect is also considerable, with visible light communication technology for technology industrialization production will be unable to forecast the development of space.

According to industry experts, due to the high reliability of the visible light communication, no mercury emissions and no interference etc, and can be widely used in spacecraft, electromagnetic sensitive areas such as hospitals, nuclear power plants, military industry and so on, ocean, and other areas of the extreme conditions in information security field. In wisdom city, intelligent household and so on, the visible light communication also has a very broad prospects for development. At present, the European visible optical communication industry, rapid growth at the rate of 87.31% every year.

In contrast, domestic visible light communication technology development, currently visible light communication technology will mainly focus on mining and medical requirements for electromagnetic sensitive area of small, but as a trillions of output in strategic emerging industries, visible light communication technology will have a huge impact on its upstream and downstream industry, more will foster a large number of related to this emerging industry.

According to the visible light communication technology industrialization will be the hottest in recent years the wisdom of the great contribution to the urban development. Based on the Internet of things the wisdom of the urban construction, will lead to social real low carbon energy saving, cut carbon emissions by 15% to 35%, visible light communication technology system will become an important part of urban wisdom. Research has shown that semiconductor lighting penetration will reach 80% by 2018, so the research based on the LED visible light communication, will undoubtedly have broad application prospects.