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LED dome light so security environmental protection do you know?
Feb 05, 2017

Along with the family decorates heat rising, absorb dome light changes with each passing day, also no longer limited to the single lamp once upon a time, to the diversified development, not only learned the droplight of luxury and style, and adopted the way of installation type suction a top, avoid to hold large luxury room with shorter lamp is acted the role of defects. LED to absorb dome light, the light body directly installed on the roof, for the overall lighting, usually used in living room and bedroom.


LED the luminous efficiency has reached more than 130 lm/W, so LED to absorb dome light, whole photosynthetic efficiency can reach 100 lm/W. And the efficiency is growing every year, it is estimated that by 2020, LED the luminous efficiency could reach 240 lm/W. The height make energy-saving light efficiency. According to the measured results, a lamp that 8 w leds can replace a lamp that 32 w dome light. Electric power can save more than four times.

LED the life of 100000 hours, make lamps and lanterns, in fact recognized life expectancy of at least 30000 hours, high quality can do 50000 hours, to more than 10 times longer than fluorescent light, even the highest life expectancy of tricolor fluorescent lamp life 10000 hours, and have more than five times higher.

When everyone is focus on the LED light source, the advantages of high photosynthetic efficiency, energy saving, and the advantages of LED lighting is a very important - no mercury, but often ignored. We know that mercury is a kind of extremely toxic substance, however most of almost 2012 years ago the efficient electric light source used in contain mercury (mercury), whether it is a common fluorescent lamp, compact energy-saving lamps, or high pressure mercury, metal halide lamp containing mercury.

Abandon fluorescent lamp required for the processing of toxic substances, which requires to buy must pay double the price of the common fluorescent lamp to advance the toxic substance disposal.

Can according to need to provide a variety of color temperature light, usually 2550-3700 k, and 4700-7000 k.

No glass parts, resistance to shock, vibration, easy to transport.

Don't need aluminum alloy heat sink, low cost, light weight, high safety, no any harm to human body, saving energy and reducing consumption.