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Landscape lamp
Jan 20, 2017

Landscape art lamp is indispensable part in modern landscape. It is not only itself has a high ornamental, but also emphasizes the artistic lamp of history and culture, landscape and scenic spot's environment harmonious and unified. Landscape art lamp using the light of the different shape, different color and brightness to landscape. For example, the red light lanterns landscape lamp modelling a festive atmosphere for the square, green coconut lamp pool in stand out of the school of tropical amorous feelings. Landscape lamp is suitable for the square, residential area, public green space landscape. Be careful not to too much too miscellaneous, use so as to avoid a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role, make the landscape is mixed and disorderly glitz.

Trails and garden light is actually the combination of the two kinds of lamp, garden lamp pay attention to the landscape, trails lamp pay attention to functional, both of which could divide and form their own system, but after consideration, or put the two together, boils down to promenade garden lamp series.

Trails garden light [1] in the design should pay attention to the following questions:

More than 1, trails garden light exists in the form of diffuse light, diffused light and different from the direct light won't produce too much shadow, make the color of bright and dark appear more downy. But in the form of diffuse light trails garden light is an important problem to be solved in luminous body surface temperature is too high. Is the market popular trails courtyard lights, few products can solve this problem.

2, elevation, shoulder distance calculation. Elevation, shoulder distance calculation, can be in function and landscape function to achieve a good balance between function, for example, the landscape design of the elevation design if considered appropriate, you can better reflect the role of the landscape, can also meet the needs of the people on the function.

Low lamps and lanterns is first of all need to focus on the design concept of innovation, the second is the function of the human nature and diversity, I saw a light low in Japan, the lamps and lanterns is not only to play the role of a lighting, landscaping, also play a warning role, it tells the road, in front of the large camber, and personnel, drivers and road walker, please be careful. Low light to achieve the unification of functional diversity and landscape lighting, need the introduction of composite design ideas, as much as possible to achieve the coordination between functional lighting and landscape lighting.