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Knowledge of LED lamps and lanterns of exports
Mar 01, 2017

One, search the heat rising: droplight category on Google search of 500000

At present, from the Google search trends, product of lamps and lanterns is rising steadily. Droplight category, for example, on Google search volume reached 500000 times; Platform hot search term in the top 10, droplight keywords for five.

Second, the main north American buyers into purchasing: half of the buyers from the United States

At present sales platform of lamps and lanterns in the top ten countries: the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico and New Zealand. Droplight category, for example, as of the first half of 2014, the United States, Australia, Canada became national top three buyers distribution, accounted for about 70% of the overall buyers. Among them, the American buyers accounted for 49.66%, is almost half of the total number of buyers. The United States has overtaken Japan, become China's largest export destination of lamps and lanterns.

And the European and American buyers tend to choose simple, retro and modern style of lamp act the role ofing, and for foreign fashion trend to follow very closely. Lamp act the role ofing, therefore, the seller can need according to oneself, selectively targeted promotion and delivery.

Three, platform margins look good: item profit margins of 178%

Ceiling lamp (tube light) belong to the category, potential foreign demand is very strong. Ceiling lamp as a seasonal product line, platform margin as high as 178%. The lamps and lanterns of sell like hot cakes category other item margin all can achieve 50% above, item profit margin is very considerable.

Four, popular LED lighting products: single pale blue pin 500000

LED lighting products for its energy-saving, environmental protection, easy to maintenance etc., in recent years has been overseas buyers. LED light bulb, for example, the product mainly large wholesale enterprise buyers buyers groups. At present, the lighting systems using LED energy-saving lamps and lanterns in overseas has become a trend. For cross-border electric business platform for the seller, this can yet be regarded as a kind of potential business opportunities.