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Incandescent lamps rated luminous flux
Jan 03, 2017

At rated voltages, bulb radiates the rated luminous flux, generally refers to light up after 100 h lamp luminous flux, LM as a unit. For some bulbs, such as reflective luminous intensity of the light bulb should also provide some direction.

Due to the changes in the shapes of the filament, vacuum (or air purity) drops, factors such as evaporation of tungsten wire attached to the bulb wall, in the incandescent lamp luminous flux attenuation. Inflatable incandescent gas convection in the evaporated tungsten is not evenly spread over like a vacuum incandescent bulb inside, and set on top of a lamp (lamp installed on the way), optic attenuation is good.

The luminous flux of the lamp was lit in a given time and their luminous flux ratio, called the luminous flux maintenance rate, usually expressed as a percentage.