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Incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp, how to choose a light bulb?
Feb 18, 2017

Incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamp

How to choose a light bulb?

Lamps and lanterns is every family will buy home appliance products, with the development of technology, in addition to possess the basic function of lighting lamps and lanterns, also gradually appeared the adjustable light color temperature, the human body induction and so on many kinds of intelligent products.

Is light, no matter for lighting, or to build atmosphere, always want to rely on people's eyes to feel, not suitable for the light, the lamps and lanterns of unqualified, can make the lighting effect, and may even hurt people's eyes.

When lamps and lanterns of choose and buy some common sense, therefore, we need to know, to buy a light bulb scientifically.

Common civil light source of lamps and lanterns are of incandescent lamp, halogen lamp cup, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lights.

一, incandescent lamp

1, how it works: incandescent lamps also known as tungsten lamp. A lot of heat generated by the current through the filament, making the filament temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius above and under incandescent, called incandescent lamp.

2, advantages: incandescent lamp is the most close to the sun, good color rendering, color rendering index from 99 to 100; The price is cheap.

3, disadvantages: incandescent lamp of electricity consumed only about 10% can be converted into energy, and the rest are in the form of heat energy is lost, and usually no more than 1000 hours service life. Two words: energy saving, short service life.

Summary: incandescent although cheap color is good, but the power consumption big life is short, most used for heating, electricity performance is far lower than the new generation of new light source, has been asked to exit the market gradually.

二, the halogen lights cup, cup lamp, lamp

Most families are commonly used to shoot the light, is to use the lamp cup.

1, how it works: a variety of the incandescent light bulb, the principle is the injection of iodine or bromine halogen gas such as light bulbs, under high temperature, the sublimation of chemistry with halogen tungsten wire, tungsten will after cooling solidification again on tungsten filament, form balanced circle, avoid premature tungsten filament fracture. So the halogen bulbs live longer than incandescent bulbs.

2, advantages: is more close to the continuous spectrum of the sun, the color is very good, color rendering index above 95; The price is cheaper also. Small volume, light control sex good, so is suitable for projective illumination circumstance.

3, disadvantages: do not change nature of incandescent lamp, or fever, most lost in heat way, light conversion efficiency is not high. Life up to 2000-4000 hours, not bad.

Summary: cheap good color rendering, small volume control light, suitable for use in lighting need projection and requiring to be according to the color reproduction.

On the market for LED lights cup, but do it in light color rendering ability and control level of halogen lamp cup, is super visual halogen lamp cup several times, if the price can accept, can buy a good replacement LED lights cup, cheap LED lights cup, or not to buy it as well.

三, fluorescent lamp (commonly known as light bar)

1, how it works: fluorescent lamps also known as fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent tubes filled with argon gas and a small amount of mercury, the inner wall of the tube coated with phosphor. Fluorescent lamp in the process of gas discharge release ultraviolet light, fluorescent powder to absorb ultraviolet light after the release of the visible light.

2. Advantages: the efficiency of the revolution, fluorescent lamp high luminous efficiency than incandescent bulbs.

3, disadvantages: hue to the poor, especially in the early of sanki toner fluorescent lamp. Fluorescent lamp contains the harmful elements such as mercury, has certain harm to environment. Ultraviolet radiation and stroboscopic phenomenon, also will cause harm to people's eyes.

Summary: thanks to green lighting, vigorously promote the use of fluorescent lamp, so China is currently the fluorescent countries with high levels of popularity in the world, but as there are growing concerns for the health and environmental protection, the harm done by the fluorescent lamp is criticized by people more and more.

Replacement of leds is available at the moment, the price also to very low, can consider to gradually replace the fluorescent tube, especially used in the inside of the lamp chamfer. But special attention should be paid when buying blu-ray harm of LED products (not buy dazzle bluedio blue) and glare (don't buy normal when installed on the smallpox still feel special and dazzling) problem.

四, energy-saving lamps

1, how it works: energy-saving lamp is a compact, built-in ballast of fluorescent lamp.

2, advantages: small volume, save energy than incandescent bulbs, also live longer than incandescent bulbs. Prices because the government subsidies are very cheap, but are very expensive, supermarkets sell LED prices are lower than the energy-saving lamps in the stores.

3, disadvantages: low color rendering index, seeing serious color change; Fragile, add mercury inside, there is no good recovery mechanism, environmental pollution is can not be ignored; Energy-saving lamps using instantaneous high pressure generated in the ballast, will produce certain electromagnetic radiation.

Summary: a very popular, very popular, very popular! Energy-saving lamps brought a lot of convenience to our life, but it also brings a lot of problems: mercury pollution, stroboscopic and electromagnetic radiation, etc. Visual inspection will be fully replaced by LED products.

五: LED lights

1, how it works: LED light-emitting diode, is a kind of ability to electric energy into visible light solid state semiconductor devices, it can be directly put DianZhuan into light.

2, advantages: high luminous efficiency than incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp, in theory, a long service life, light can be up to 100000 hours, the actual product 30000-50000 hours is not a problem, basically enough enough for home; No ultraviolet and infrared radiation; Contains no lead, mercury and other pollution elements.

3, disadvantages: the quality of the LED lamps and lanterns on the market the good and bad are intermingled, kill off these years prices have is not the problem, but low price the quality of the product is really worrying.

Summary: the LED energy saving, environmental protection, health, obvious advantages, the future must become the mainstream lighting source. The future of the LED is bright, but the road is still tortuous.

Here to tell you how to choose a LED bulbs with sensing (this section for the cloud know what light and assume Tuesday) :

1, you look uncomfortable, don't buy!

2, their hands into the light bulb, felt his hand ruddy good enough, don't buy!

3, using a mobile phone on the bulb, flash badly, don't buy!

4, listen to the buzzing, don't buy!

5, the price is too cheap, what do you think bought loses the advantage not to buy the sort of), don't buy!

6, no mark on the package that several parameters: power (W), luminous efficiency (lm/W), color temperature (K), color rendering index CRI, don't buy!

7, color rendering index CRI < 80, don't buy!

8, color temperature greater than 5000 k (home why use this miserable color temperature), don't buy!

To introduce before the luminous efficiency, let's talk about power.

We often at the time of or buy the light source of lamps and lanterns of choose and buy, will ask the store "what is the power of the lamp", or directly with the boss said "I want a 15 watt bulb". Only the power data, reflecting the power consumption of indicators, but we the subtext is actually want to "have the brightness of the lamp.

So the question comes, even the same 15 watts of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps and LED lights, they produce lighting brightness is not the same, and far. Why is this?

Because the same power of different types of lamp, they is not the same as the luminous flux.

Luminous flux in unit time is a source of light, unit is the lumen. This value is, truly, truly, the eyes can receive the number of visible light, how many, that is to say, it is a parameter based on people's perception, is the objective manifestation of "have the brightness".

High as a result, we can pretend bility to with the boss said: "I'd like to h * * e a lumen bulb." There is no use, however, not many boss can understand our needs, didn't also several products will be specified on the packaging is how many lumens.

Hint: look at the light bulb on the package, on which generally have a power (W), and a luminous efficiency unit (lm/W do that), can be converted to light flux (lm). Directly on the package there are luminous flux (that) with lm units, how much it appropriate to buy lamp luminous flux (lm), rather than how many watts.

Generally, with the inherent life experience, a 60 w incandescent light quantity is about 600 lm, refer to the feeling you buy.

Still, we it is necessary to know about the luminous efficiency. The parameters of luminous efficiency is a light source, it is the ratio of flux and power. Luminous efficiency of different types of light sources with different, generally speaking, the luminous efficiency of the incandescent lamp is about 10 to 15 lumens per watt, luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamps (CFL) for 50-100 lumens per watt, and LED lamp range is wide, most ranging between 60 to 120 lumens per watt.

Thus, in principle, to achieve the same luminous flux, LED lamp only need lower power, so the LED lamp is a new generation of energy conservation and environmental protection light source.