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How to improve the efficiency of incandescent lamps
Jan 03, 2017

After years of research, notes that when filled with air in the bulb, when, although the filament will be oxidized, but the evaporated tungsten is slow. The reason is simple. Air is made up of many components, tungsten oxide is 1/5 of the total amount of air oxygen; for the remaining nitrogen approximately 4/5, which not only was not involved in the destruction of tungsten, tungsten obstacle to molecular motion, reduce tungsten evaporation speed.

People in order to guarantee the incandescent lamp life and had to take air in the bulb. Nitrogen gases do not react with tungsten-filled in the glass shell.

If the bulb is a vacuum, so when a tungsten filament power, temperature rise, will be largely divorced from the filament of tungsten, once into the nitrogen-filled glass shell, incandescent filaments are formed around a thin layer of stable air cover. So that the speed of evaporation of the tungsten filament is much slower. Result is nitrogen gas-filled incandescent.

But because of oxygen or water vapor while working in a tungsten to oxidation reactions with it, so gas-oxygen and moisture has very strict requirements, filling the slow evaporation of the tungsten filament, filament the same age can work at higher temperatures, so the efficiency of gas-filled bulb higher than vacuum bulb. In General, the efficiency of gas-filled bulb higher than vacuum bulb 1/3.