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Household LED lights
Aug 22, 2017

Household LED lights

Household LED lamp is a kind of LED lamps and lanterns, with the further maturity of LED technology, LED lighting lamps and lanterns in the bedroom will be more and better development of design development. Bedroom lamps and lanterns of the 21st century will be designed with the LED lamps and lanterns is designed for the mainstream, and fully embody the energy saving, health, art and human development trend of lighting, the bedroom lights culture has become the dominant. In the new century, the LED lighting lamps and lanterns will light up each person's bedroom, change everyone's life, become a great development of lamps and lanterns design change.


1, unique design, everywhere can stick, a beat that is light, convenient and practical, the overall design is simple and relaxed.

2, LED products MinYongHua is major lighting business of product development trend in recent years.

3, a subversive any common lamps and lanterns of new fashion products, it's amazing is that it has 100 hours of battery life.

4, the appearance of unique design, on the function and use of the space has been infinitely.

5, that we are difficult to define the circle want to LED small night light for common lamps and lanterns, furniture accessories, or fashion accessories.

Section 6, the operation is simple, mount 3 batteries, switch simply click on the transparent cover is bright.

7, product, small, strong practicability, it can be placed in cosmetic bag, corner, acoustics, in the kitchen, cabinet or closet, etc.

How to choose and buy household LED lights

First, household led bulbs, led lamp cup (sitting room auxiliary light source 3 w enough), led canister light (corridor with about 3 inches of 3 w, 6 w 4 inches, 6 inches around 12 w), is a kind of energy-saving lamps, led, in general, is the ordinary energy-saving lamps half the power consumption can achieve the same lighting effect.

Second, life expectancy theory of up to 50000 hours, 20000 hours in general is not a problem, family is available for several years, like CPL lamp cup theory life even more than 50000 hours.

Third, led lamp belongs to the low voltage dc power supply, no stroboscopic, also won't shine;

Fourth, belong to solid cold light source, the summer is not to attract mosquitoes.