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Home decoration with LED lights?
Feb 20, 2017

Now on the market a lot of businesses are propaganda LED energy saving energy saving, long service life, shoppers will also recommend LED light source, the home decoration with LED light source?

My view is not good.

LED is more suitable for the commercial, such as shopping malls, warehouses, billboards, etc., used in home outfit words actually advantage is not obvious, but defect should be considered.

We take the LED and fluorescent bulbs to compare. The advantage of LED light source is theoretical service life is long, is energy-saving lamps can at least 5 ~ 6 times longer service life. From the same intensity in saving energy save electricity use electricity is similar, actually may be a light bulb also could not save a few bucks electricity in a year.

Take a look at the LED light source faults. Low-cost leds is quality (such as osram is very expensive), color difference, under the light look at color distortion; Stroboscopic, dazzle light, the human eye is not comfortable with LED light, LED lighting environment eyes again for a long time will be uncomfortable, eye fatigue; Cold white light LED color temperature is high, mostly blue eyes problem (of course not long direct problem is not too big); And the quality of the LED light source is really quite expensive.

So, my personal advice is sitting room, dining-room, bedroom, such as the main lighting is given priority to with fluorescent bulbs, local decorative lighting of LED light source can be used. In addition, reading with a LED desk lamp, don't choose, although many so-called market the desk lamp that shield an eye is LED light source, if there is to choose not to buy too cheap. Reading lamp can choose tungsten halogen light source or tricolor fluorescent energy-saving lamps, color temperature of 4000-5000 k advisable, no stroboscopic.