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High power LED
Aug 19, 2017

High power LED

High power LED as the fourth generation electric light source, endowed with "green lighting source," said, has small volume, safe low voltage, long life, high electro-optical conversion efficiency, fast response speed, excellent characteristics such as energy saving, environmental protection, will replace the traditional incandescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp and fluorescent lamp and become a new generation of light source in the 21st century.

The main features

High power LED as lighting source has small volume, low power consumption and fever small, long service life, fast response speed, safe low voltage, good weatherability and good direction, etc.

Housing available PC controls, resistance to high temperature of 135 degrees, low temperature - 45 degrees.

1. The service life: high power LED lights up to 50000 hours service life;

2. Energy saving: than high pressure sodium lamp the saving electricity was above 80%;

3. Green environmental protection. High power LED street light do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment.

4. Security: impact resistance, seismic force is strong, with leds light in the visible light range, no ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass shell, there is no problem of traditional tube rupture, there is no harm to human body, no radiation;

5. No pressure, no dust. Eliminates the ordinary street lamp shade caused by high pressure absorbing dust caused the brightness of the dark;

6. No high temperature aging lampshade will not yellow. Eliminates the ordinary street lamp caused by high temperature bake the lampshade aging yellow brightness reduce and shorten the life;

7. Start without delay. Led in nanoseconds, electricity at normal brightness, without waiting, eliminate the start-up process of traditional street lamp for a long time;

No stroboscopic. 8. Pure dc, eliminates the traditional street light stroboscopic cause visual fatigue;

9. No bad glare. Eliminate ordinary high power LED street light glare caused by bad glare, visual fatigue and eye interference, improve the driving safety, reduce the number of traffic accidents.

10. Good flexibility, LED light source is exquisite, the LED light can adapt to various geometric sizes and different size of decorative lighting requirements, such as: point, line, face, ball, different forms, and even any art lighting sculpture;

11. Colour is pure thick - generated by the semiconductor PN junction itself color, pure, thick; Rich colors, three colors and digital technology, evolution can be any color;

Range of available:

High power LED in oilfield, petrochemical, railway, mining, forces and other special industries, stage decoration, urban landscape lighting, display screen and sports venues, such as special work lamps and lanterns has wide application prospect.

Product structure

Shell mainly undertake the role of heat dissipation and protection of leds and forming. High power LED lamp shell material in general are aluminium, the heat dissipation is good, the second quality than other metals. Some shell in order to beautiful, will metals such as chromium and nickel plating. Power of high power to shoot the light, people usually use copper shell. Shell is commonly used in the design of the fan surrounding edge design, which is around the enclosure is some blades extension, the main purpose is to increase the cooling area, increase the cooling efficiency.

High-power lamp with LED the market only two kinds, namely 1 w and 3 w two kinds, there are fewer manufacturer to do with the 5 w and 100 w, but due to the heat dissipation cannot very good solve, almost no too big market.

PCB is used for plant and arrangement of high-power LED, at the same time play will LED between the shell and the role of insulation and heat conduction to the shell. There are two kinds of PCB, one kind is suitable for ordinary high power LED PCB, another kind is suitable for CREE high power LED PCB.

Driver: also known as power supply, undertake to the LED power supply. There are two commonly used power supply: AC12V/DC12V, AC85-260 - v. Low pressure and high pressure driven for short. High voltage driver is will AC85-260 - v input voltage into suitable for LED around 5 v voltage, at the same time satisfy the input current. High voltage power supply can be divided into isolated power supply and the power of two, isolated power supply transformer, but higher costs; The isolation power source without transformer, lower cost, but not enough safe when used, the possible is to isolate the power supply.

Base: high-power lamp base Gz4, E27, GU10, GU5.3, E26, E14, B22, etc. Gz4 is used in the conventional MR11 base, used for MR16 Gu5.3 base, these two kinds of base pay a lamp holder. E26, E27, E14 is screw base, including E26 for America and Japan, 110-130 - v voltage applicable base E27 for Asia Europe 220-240 - v voltage for the base. B22 is mainly used in China and southeast Asia.

Packaging technology

High power LED packaging mainly relates to light, heat, electricity, structure and process, etc., as shown in figure 1. These factors each other both are independent of each other, and influence each other. Among them, the purpose of the light is LED encapsulation, heat is the key, electricity, structure and process is a means, but performance is the embodiment of encapsulation level. From process compatibility and reduce the production cost, LED packaging design shall be carried out with the chip design at the same time, the chip design should consider when packaging structure and process. Otherwise, such as wafer manufacturing is completed, probably due to the packaging need to adjust the chip structure, thereby extended the product development cycle and process cost, sometimes even impossible.

Specifically, the key technology of high power LED package includes:

(a) low thermal resistance package process

(2) high encapsulation structure and get light rate process

(3) the grid array and system integration technology

(4) packaging production technology

(5) package reliability test and evaluation

working principle

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a kind of can convert electrical energy into light energy of solid device, its structure is mainly composed of p-n junction chip, the electrodes and the optical system composition and so on. The basic working principle of the LED is a process of electro-optical conversion, when a forward biased on both ends of p-n junction, due to the PN junction barrier, to reduce the P area

Positive charge will spread to N area, the electronic also spread to the P area of N area, at the same time in the two areas form the accumulation of non equilibrium charge. Minority carrier due to current injection is relatively stable, the system for PN junction, injected into the valence band of non-equilibrium in the hole to the conduction band electron compound, the excess energy will be in the form of light outward radiation, the greater the energy difference of electrons and holes, the higher the photon energy. Energy level difference in different sizes, frequencies and wavelengths of the light is different, the corresponding light color will be different.

Product categories

Encapsulation device products

Markets have regular and integrated high power LED two kinds. And divided into ordinary high power LED light and RGB full color two kinds, integrated high power LED in general are monochrome, RGB full color.

Lighting application products

There are many kinds of high-power LED, such as high power LED street light, high power LED lamp, high power LED project-light lamp, high power LED underwater lamp, high power LED ceiling lamp, the high power LED wash wall lamp, high power LED tunnel light...

Among them, the high power LED street light and high power LED wash wall lamp is the most number of applications, is also one of the most popular.

Advantages disadvantages

Because of the high power white LED conversion efficiency is low, luminous flux is small, the cost is higher, the white light with long time is easy to change color, heat dissipation etc factors, so the application of high power white LED in the short term, the main is a special work in the field of special lamps and lanterns, medium and long term targets to is general lighting area.

Comparison of the high-power and standard power LED

1, simplify the design process

Due to the need to consider the thermal management greatly simplified, so relative to the design process for the high power technology, the standard design process needed for the LED array is much more simple. In our example, the theory of driver need 1 w LED 350 ma current, and six standard LED array only 120 ma current. High-power technology need to use a heat sink and the metal core PCB, to ensure the efficiency loss caused by high temperature to avoid nodes, reduce service life or fade.

Because the standard LED don't need to use heat sink, metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB), capacitors, or resistors, so these leds are easier to design, test and manufacture. This simplified process for the production process not only saves time and money, but also can speed up the time to market of the products.

2, cost savings,

High power LED thermal management is required, which greatly increased the cost of the LED. In the process of design, the most expensive additions is the heat sink. Heat sink can be produced by all kinds of metal materials, the material includes both relatively cheap aluminum, including conductive performance is better, but also more expensive materials (such as copper and silver). These expensive materials may lead to high power products increased the cost of 1 ~ 10 dollars, while the standard LED device can avoid the increase of the cost.

Also, high-power LED MCPCB will be used as a passive cooling technology to control the node temperature. Because the material has better thermal conductivity MCPCB, so compared with the standard LED use FR4 cheaper PCB, the PCB cooling efficiency is higher. The cost, however, could be as high as FR4 PCB cost five times as much. Use cheaper FR4 PCB, the eradication of the need for expensive heat sink, and simplify the design considerations, you can save up to 60% of the cost.

3, save a space

When the restrictions on the internal space of the device is very large, standard LED is usually the best choice. As mentioned above, the high power LED to additional use of heat sink and cooling technology in general is occupy a space. Its primary task is to create more surface area to cooling through convection and radiation. Can more effectively help reduce heat larger surface area, but also increase the volume of high power leds. This for small space and smaller products, increase the design barriers.

Standard LED arrays usually don't need to take up the space of the drive, the capacitor and resistor (these are) required for high power LED, thereby saving up to 50% of the space. Aiming at the application of the limited space, standard LED array can provide with equal brightness, high power LED and at the same time can greatly save a space again.


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