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Health lighting, good LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy! Receive very thanks ~ ~
Feb 10, 2017

LED lights with energy-saving lamps in addition to the different luminous principle, in environmental protection and energy saving, service life, and has the extremely significant difference in degree of stability.

Compared to energy-saving light, LED more energy efficient. LED energy is twenty-five percent of the energy-saving lamps. This is because the ordinary energy-saving lamps still part consumption of electrical energy into heat energy, while LED lights do not have this problem.

Leds are longer service life. Quality qualification of the service life of LED bulbs can reach ten thousand to ten thousand hours, and the same energy-saving lamps, its service life is between six thousand to six thousand hours.

The LED more environmentally friendly. Mercury is one of the indispensable luminescence materials for energy-saving lamps, as use time grew, energy-saving lamp sealing will appear crack, the mercury will evaporate to air, the air pollution. LED lights have no this aspect of the problem, the use of safe environmental protection.

Now LED era, all seems to be main LED lighting company. After the Internet era, everyone also seems to be used to buy a lamp on the Internet.

But in pretty good shape, the light is bright enough good, don't extinguish quickly good, size packed to go up and then a simple request, the owner, contractor, designer, decorate a company to task into images from the website choose style, choose size, price, choose save electricity, to choose the white light yellow light, whether mailed package. LED to the quality of the product is original to, that need to be more professional service, now reduced to only logistics transport lamp instead of the original position.

The same lighting places, such as bedroom, sitting room, hutch defends the need for the light is different, the most suitable temperature range of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, it should be close to the sun natural white light color temperature range is the most scientific choice.

The light is not white, the better, higher color temperature light close to noon sun, dazzling strong stimulation to the eyes, the low colour temperature is easy to produce fatigue, only healthy light, color temperature and comfortable lighting is that we can see the naked eye.

As long as it is LED lights, regardless of huangbai is quite energy saving and long life, new LED lights than the new bulb commonly 90%, than the new energy-saving lamp power saving 10%. Attenuation, of course, the leds in the light of the difference faster after 3 months of tend to lose to a little bit good quality lighting energy-saving lamps.

Good advice give priority to color rendering index of LED, this is the most the most the most important parameters when building light environment. Just like a sun room must be more popular, everybody likes bathing in full sun. Experience all people's eyes, all of the camera, all cameras filming need good light environment to make rich color is clear, clear clean, pure and transparent.

Expect everyone to enjoy health, intelligence, energy saving, long life LED light environment, LED brings us not only environmental protection, and health to the body, household act the role ofing and choose the high quality LED commercial lighting, healthy environmental protection, can give you the light. Let everyone like LED to bring a new life!