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Group | why choose to choose to, finally chose this kind of the lamp that shield an eye? - do test report accused of own money, only use the data to talk!
Feb 10, 2017

Years ago the regiment the lamp that shield an eye at a time, why so fast and fill group?

Often dad is actually a few when mom colleagues forced... These tuxedo when mom years ago bought their own Eva lamp, the New Year be to relatives and friends to see the house, all want to be, is they find dad often asked to repair.

Dad often in order to end up a ears clean, go fill a regiment. But dad often special curiously ask: why do not participate in group buying, before rushing to repair group?

L didn't attract colleagues mom a speech: a relative said, this coupon and you don't notice, do not put the headlines again, QiaoMeiSheng article put a time, and catch up with the Chinese New Year is coming soon, who see? ! Has a friend said, you of the popular science article writes too long is too thin, not understand, I also take time to help you to summarize...

Dad often asked: how did you conclude? So L mom immediately to the strength, brilliantly described:

Friend: wow, this lamp to more than 800? It's too expensive? We have dozens of dollars when I was a child doesn't also use well?

L mom: which expensive which expensive, you tell me, how much money do you wear glasses now? How many glasses you in this life to now to change, add up how much is it? Add up how much you will change glasses, how many money? To protect their children's eyes is to save you money!

Friend: # @ # $@ #! Ok, you win. What good is it light? With dozens of pieces than incandescent lamp, exactly where are you?

L mama: here, give you the popular science, incandescent lamp color temperature of around 2800 k, the colors in the evening when the sun is more or less, is more yellow, easy to make you sleepy; And the color temperature of the lamp is close to 4000 k, is suitable to concentrate the color temperature of reading. When learning how sleepy!!!!!! I report a day learning and thought to hundreds of yuan, come back to review your lessons if you sleep, not to waste my money!

Friend: I see you drill's eyes went to the money... That and the other of the lamp that shield an eye on the market than?

L mom: LED lights on the market, said he was the lamp that shield an eye, do not add an "eye" two words on the package, was too embarrassed to sell! Actually has a lot of, in the "stroboscopic" a all don't pass, and reduce the stroboscopic harm is probably the most basic requirements of the lamp that shield an eye!

Dad often out of their own pockets to do several optical test, find another popular group price at around $1200 of the lamp that shield an eye, incredibly even the simple "illumination" indicators are not qualified!!!!!! And color rendering index was also our the lamp that shield an eye is far left behind.

So, to summarize, we group the lamp:

1) the intensity of illumination standard, to reach A level

2) colour temperature is moderate, suitable to concentrate on reading

3) high color rendering index, basic can restore the natural color of the object, protect children's perception of color

4) no stroboscopic harm

5) no harm of blu-ray

These conclusions are often father pay for the please authority test results, not listen to manufacturer blind fool!

Friend:...... That quickly, let dad often years later fill group immediately!

Mama: L darned you say it? To bring our family's New Year's money first! I'll go with dad often asked to repair.

Friend:...... Make friends, how to meet with you this money-obsessed...

Dad finish listen to mama of situation representation, L often sincere said a sentence: much word elder sister, don't you go to sell insurance is really wasted ~ ~ ~

Ok, get to the point, the following was the last time we wen Po once again. There are many detailed data in the special, if you like dad often is the data controlled/report, please read it carefully. If you are a old pink, has participated in many group-buying, know dad often choose goods carefully, don't need to see details, you can scan the qr code below order directly.

Product model: tencent lamp K8 children intelligence

Yan color: sky blue small grass green The cherry blossom pink pearl white Lemon yellow

Color rendering index: Ra > 90

Color temperature: 4000 or less

That move light dimmer levels: level 5

Material quality: ABS engineering plastics + silicone + alloy

Power: 11 w

Product price: 849 yuan

Group buying time: on February 9, 7:30 PM - 9 PM on February 10, early check (quantity is limited, sold out the check)