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Crystal electronic Zheng Yongsheng: the future of LED encapsulation 4.0 need to industry
Feb 05, 2017

January 5-6, 2017, sponsored by the high LED to "look for the LED path to the future" as the theme of the 2016 annual meeting of high LED research, golden globe awards and high production, marking the 10th anniversary (2006-2016), the celebration was held in shenzhen.

As LED industry chain of the annual year-end event, 2016 annual meeting of high LED again together business leaders at home and abroad, and the scene more than 500 industry elite opportunity and risk, in-depth analysis of global industry overall outlook, capital, technology, market structure and other aspects of trend, for the next three years China and "run-off" of global LED lighting industry.

On January 5, in the wafer photoelectric named by "the vision of the industry consolidation" as the theme of the opening ceremony of the conference, crystal secco electronic LED division general manager Zheng Yongsheng published "new ideas, new smart" the theme of the speech.

Zheng Yongsheng in his speech, pointed out that the current LED packaging companies faced with the huge pressure of both costs and capacity. Raw material prices and labor costs rose sharply cause the whole industry's profits plunged, reduce the production cost has become the enterprise urgently needs to solve the problem.

Crystal, tyco electronics is 4.0 through the industry automation equipment upgrades to reduce artificial involved in producing lower labor costs, and optimize the internal network and the management platform, improve the production efficiency and production output.

At the same time in ERP system, introduced the production process, from order lay eggs to product delivery of all production process monitoring, it is also the manifestation of LED packaging industry towards industrial 4.0.

Zheng Yongsheng also pointed out, meanwhile, COB the application of new technology and research and application of the third generation of semiconductor power device technology also provides LED packaging companies with new industry development opportunities.

For the future development of LED industry, Zheng Yongsheng said crystal tyco electronics in automotive lighting, visible light communication, medical security, consumer electronics, such as plant lighting for more attempts.

At the same time realize the LED and sensor, intelligent dimmer, drive and control system integration, intelligent driving LiFi communication, realize the system integration of intelligent lamp module, put forward some highly integrated system solutions.