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Composition of incandescent lamps
Jan 03, 2017

Incandescent lamps made from heat-resistant glass bulb, tungsten filament inside. Deflation in the bulb to prevent oxidation of the filament, or inert gas (argon), reduce tungsten wire heated distillation. Power can be only a small fraction into visible light by the filament, low luminous efficiency, typically a 50~75 flow/w.

Incandescent lamps, mainly composed of glass, filaments, wires, columns, lamp and so on.

Shape into balls of glass shell, materials are heat-resistant glass, filament and separation of air, light, and protective. Incandescent lights work when glass temperature of up to 100 degrees Celsius.

Filament: it is much thinner than a human hair wire into spiral. Filaments short, thin spiral wire that pulled in a straight line, this line is more than 1 meter long.

Incandescent tungsten filament in fear of air. If the bulb is filled with air, then power up after, the tungsten filament temperature increases to more than 2000 ℃, air attacks on it relentlessly, make it soon burned, producing a yellow-white tungsten trioxide, attached to the inner wall of the glass and lamp parts.

Wires: two wires is very simple on the surface, in fact, from the inner conductor, Dumet wire and the outer conductor consists of three parts. Fixed wire used to conduct electricity and filaments, made with copper or nickel plated wire; a very short red wire in the Middle called Du Meisi, require that it worked closely with the glass airtight; outside the wire is copper wire, the task is connected lamp to power.

Column: a horn-shaped glass parts column, it attached to the glass, with metal parts. Which exhaust pipes for draining air in the bulb, and then the lower welding seal, light will not leak.

Lamp is lamp and power metal, welding glass bonded together with mud.