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Chip prices a tidal power HuaCan epitaxial m&a photoelectric into a new growth cycle
Feb 05, 2017

The tension of supply and demand, chip prices rising tides.

LED lighting and small spacing shows billions of market scale, low permeability of the current market is still in the stage. Demand side small space display and LED lighting permeability continued ascension, chip manufacturers supply side expansion, the global LED chip capacity crunch caused the tension of supply and demand, lead to the upstream chip manufacturers to raise prices.

Leading Taiwan chip circular polarization electric part and fujian three Ann photoelectric products have different levels of prices, other chip makers are expected to follow. Price increases will effectively enhance corporate profitability.

Leading LED chip business and profitability performance.

Company is a domestic leading supplier of LED display chip market, with leah DE, wood Tomlinson, chau Ming science and technology, high quality customers.

Industry initiative launched special chip small spacing display, power and high voltage chip products market share in the growing, flip chip has reached the domestic first-class technical level, backlit chip into the mainstream backlit supply chain success.

LED epitaxy chip expansion project in 2020, after will be the new annual output of 3 million pieces of production. Mother expects full-year 2016 company implement to net profit in 263 million yuan to 268 million yuan between, achieve profitability performance.

M&a blue SPAR technology, the realization of the industrial chain integration.

Acquisition of sapphire blue SPAR technology, material through upstream materials, perfect the chip + epitaxial wafer + aggregate materials industry chain layout, coordination effect will gradually appear.

Blue SPAR technology company of sapphire substrate business gross margin is as high as 45.24%, in the first half of 2016 degrees from the date on which the contribution for the company and table 70.3358 million yuan of business revenue and the net profits of 23.906 million yuan to improve company profitability.

Buying American MEMSIC, layout of sensor market.

Global MEMS device the size of the market in 2018 is expected to reach $22 billion or more, the compound annual growth rate of about 13%, China has become the greatest demand MEMS devices market. Company to buy the sensor MEMSIC, overweight consumer electronics and automobile electronics.

MEMSIC accelerometer and magnetic sensor ranked the top in business scale, if the acquisition will strongly enhance the strength of the company in the sensor industry, provide another earnings growth for the company.