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China LED display industry application market in 2017 have?
Feb 06, 2017

LED display is developed rapidly in the world in the late eighty s, new information display media which USES leds composed of lattice modules or pixel units in the area of the screen, with high reliability, long service life, environment adaptiveness, high performance price ratio, low use cost, has been widely used in the field of information display.

In recent years, enterprises make full use of the LED display characteristics, product differentiation and market development trend, and become the LED display enterprise core competitiveness, the most important way to win a larger development space.

016-2021 Chinese LED display industry market demand and investment consulting report predicts that in the next few years, the global LED display market demand will continue to maintain rapid growth, annual growth of more than 20%, by 2020, the global LED display market will be worth $30 billion, will be the most important manufacturing base in China, the LED display industry wide prospect of market.

2017 LED display industry market analysis is as follows:

The first

Creative display market

LED display industry, the market competition is intense, creative display become important means of LED enterprises to break through the red sea market, as a typical performance of LED display different development, creative LED screen market in recent years, showing a larger market. Special-shaped screen, such as transparent screen creative display market arises at the historic moment.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people screen interaction, show the features of personalized display with the surrounding environment fusion of LED display become the big trend in the development of creative display, such as transparent screen wall, LED ball screen, cube, cone, cylinder screen LED display products such as originality, bring us great sensory impact performance effect.

At present, the spherical screen, for example, combined with a rotation axis to sit, input information on earth can become a powerful globe, and can change at any time display information for other purposes.

The second

Small spacing leads the "advanced" market development of LED display

Small spacing LED display "pixel" relatively general LED display is much higher, its display colors more vivid, clear, so is the "advanced" in the field of LED display in China.

The main application market has the television studio dispatching center, energy, transportation, public security monitoring center, conference room, military command center, etc., and its market performance.

As table technology to enhance, small spacing LED display applications have been able to adapt to the outdoor harsh environment, the outdoor market development is more obvious, and the display effect is good, small spacing LED display and AR/VR, 3-d, Internet technology combined with the trend is obvious. LED display with a small spacing related control card, the display effect can be up to 4 k, for enterprise and industry have LED display TV related small spacing, present a gratifying development trend of the market.

The third

LED display rental market space is huge

Rental screen module characteristic is easy to tear open outfit, and can be combined into various styles of display mode, customization demand is higher, often on the stage, the party stage with other background shows such other effect presents the shock of seeing and hearing sense to the person.

Rental screen by the rapid development of the market in recent years, but the market performance is chaos product quality defects, but in general, affected by the style entertainment industry drive, promising future rental screen market development, popularization and with small spacing LED display, the future more upscale rental screens will be able to meet the higher and more perfect stage atmosphere rendering.

The fourth

Indoor display markets continue to usher in a new application field

Space between indoor LED display development, down from early main P7, P5 currently P3, P4 has become the mainstream of indoor display, LED display and P2.5 the following small spacing a strong rise in 2016, P2 under various ultra hd LED display products began to successively debut, the show has up to 4 k effect, related enterprises LED display TV has begun in the high-end market.

With China's recent major semiconductor chip factory building, the future core chip technology will improve greatly, LED display space technology will further breakthrough, more hd LED display is indisputable reality, and because of falling prices, the development has begun indoor commercial civil market penetration, and the AR/VR, glasses-free 3 d emerging hot technology combined with the application, such as huge market space.

The fifth

LED glass screen to lead the new image of the outdoor media market

As outdoor media market boom of the LED display screen, glass curtain wall with packaging technology, and proliferating breakthroughs in space technology, the LED display with its high brightness, wide Angle, the screen area of the adjustable characteristics, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, light boxes, etc., has become a high-profile new outdoor advertising media.

Is worth attention in 2016, small spacing market presents a hot scenes, emerging light pole screen, for example, by working with lighting, such as the Internet, video monitoring, information release system technology, the combination of intelligent street lamp system, become wisdom city construction, the focus of much media attention, with the aid of the construction of intelligent traffic system, we will meet to set advertising, major events, travel, weather and other information release light pole screen system for urban residents to bring great convenience, caused the revolution in the way the media, a huge market space.