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Advantages of incandescent lamps
Jan 03, 2017

1 small, light, cheap, with different Lampshade forms, and is equipped with portable lamps, ceiling and wall mounted and concealed fittings.

2, wide color variety, has directed, scattering, diffuse and other forms.

3, can be used to strengthen the body three-dimensional, incandescent color closest to the color of sunlight, good color, uniform spectrum and not obtrusive. Incandescent bulbs (containing halogen lamps) spectrum is continuous and the average, has the advantage of excellent color rendering and fluorescent lamps, LED a discrete spectrum, low color rendering, low color rendering of light will not only make people feel that the color does not look good, for health, and is also harmful to eyesight. Traditional light bulbs there are dimmable, high point out advantages and mercury-free. Incandescent lamps have an advantage that most other types of products do not, that is suitable for frequent start of the occasion.

4, compared to incandescent and halogen lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, low compared with ordinary incandescent light, small, easy to light, color gamut of high school, good color, especially for television lighting, drawing, photography and building flood lighting and so on. But convenience and low cost, instant start, simple circuits, be used.