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A year from 3 billion to 5 billion "jump", wood Tomlinson effect of scale
Mar 03, 2017

Successful participation of hollande Vance osram light acquisition; Proposed a total investment of 5.5 billion yuan in yiwu, zhejiang province to build 600 mu of LED lighting products production base; For ultra light a 80% stake in The Times; In the national distributor meeting is also good news. 2016 wooden Tomlinson's scale expansion at the same time, also deliver the good performance.

2016, wooden Tomlinson business performance has a significant growth, profitability continues to strengthen, operating in good condition. 2016 annual business revenue of 5.52 billion yuan, up 42.22% from a year earlier. Operating profit of 579 million yuan, up 114.06% from a year earlier. Belongs to the listed company net profit of 473 million yuan, up 85.16% from a year earlier.

Wood Tomlinson completed within a year of 3 billion to 5 billion "jump".

And as early as January 18, opple released 2016 annual results letters, business revenue of 5.477 billion yuan, in 2016 year-on-year growth of 22.55% in 2015, wood Tomlinson beyond opple, with 43.8573 million yuan in all domestic LED lighting company has released 2016 annual results, wooden Tomlinson ranked first for the time being.

Wood Tomlinson said, as the price of the LED lighting products to stabilise, wood Tomlinson offering investment project capacity gradually released, obviously improve the scale effect, the unit cost of products to further decline, wood Tomlinson products to enhance market competitiveness, expanding market share.

In addition, the successful completion of the non-public 2016 shares, to raise for project construction, gradually increase production equipment and related to fixed assets investment, assets scale and marketing to expand the scale.

As in the rapid growth of enterprise, wooden Tomlinson's advantage lies in the LED packaging market. With the enlargement of the scale of the enterprise, the company began to extend to the layout of the chip area upstream of the LED industry and downstream terminal applications.

Wood Tomlinson acquisition of osram lighting business, will speed up the layout of the LED industry chain scale. After successful wood Tomlinson multinational giants with osram channels of business and the advantages of the brand image to expand their overseas lighting business, will further extend to the downstream industry chain, and terminal marketing especially European and American markets will also be perfected.

Long term goal is to consolidate its as the world's biggest LED the industry status of the production enterprises. In addition, in the year to December 21 statement, wood Lin Senceng announced offered 500 million yuan of huaian Macao shun cheong photoelectric technology co., LTD., ultimately to intensify company LED industry chain upstream to extension.

So far, three Ann photoelectric has not yet released 2016 annual results.