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5 w emergency LED ball steep light upgrade

5 w emergency LED ball steep light upgrade! A lot of people will say why your product will be in your house of other people? I can only say that we do not make low-end products beautiful science and technology.

Our beautiful technology 5 w emergency LED ball steep light is independent of the second generation circuit design, precision constant current, current stability, long service life. Electrolytic capacitor is used 8000 hours of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, ensure life 30000 hours. Focus on batteries ternary material is we use new lithium-ion batteries, full capacity. And many other emergency LED ball steep light are used to renew the old batteries. Upgrade of the battery is charging protection. Original charge booster circuit, ensure the battery (4.2 V) can achieve more than seven hours due to emergency longest in normally on work, heat is larger, can only do 5-7 w.